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    Interesting notification

    so i come visiting today, and notice that a mod deleted a post of mine from a three year old thread. i don't know when it got locked, but it's also a locked thread. my question: why? it's three years old. i'm sure it was a good thing that it was deleted, i've been edited before, for going off...
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    Gaming Beatles: Rock Band Avatar T-shirt giveaway

    I've ended up with two code cards for the The Beatles: Rock Band Avatar t-shirts. I redeemed one set for myself, and figure i'll just give out the other two codes. i have: 1 male shirt 1 female shirt i will give one, and only one to a user. PMs will disqualify you. multiple posts by a single...
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    Hacking Can't load VC/WiiWare from SD in UNEEK+DI

    I have an 8 GB SDHC card, and in my normal softmod, i can play all of my titles from the SD card. but i boot into UNEEK+DI, and nothing loads from the SD card. it doesn't matter if the title is legit or not. they also can't be moved from the SD to the emulated system menu. i built the NAND...
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    Hacking Extract saves from NAND dump?

    I'm running UNEEK+DI r121, and the only way I was able to get it working was with a fresh NAND made by ModMii. I would still like to have my save files from my other NAND dump, but I haven't found a program that can do this. so, a solution that can extract saves from my actual NAND dump and...
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    Hacking Showmiiwads crashing

    it worked fine on an older dump, but i'm trying to extract a much newer dump. it has 4.2. bootmii dumps successfully and verifies without issue. but showmiiwads (1.4) and nandextractor ( both crash when i try to extract this one. i've tried from the SD card, copying to my pc, but no dice. it...
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    Hacking Can not get a "clean" NAND to work with SNEEK

    Using my own decrypted NAND dump, i have a working SNEEK+DI. However, I would like to be running it off of a "clean" NAND. I've been using NUSD and showmiiwads to put together system menu 4.2U. at first, i only downloaded 4.2 and IOS 70 (decrypted, pack to wad). then i put the setting.txt into...
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    Gaming Does anyone know which drive Team Jungle will work on next?

    i'm mostly curious. i finally got a second xbox, and it has a sammy (don't know which version. also, it is extremely loud). it'll be nice to get back on live, after i've stabilized the new box. it occasionally red rings, and i was able to pick it up for 40 bucks because of it.
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