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  1. ShootingStar

    ROM Hack Question Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 60FPS Mod?

    Wondering if anyone is willing to get Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to run at 60FPS outside of 1 VS 1 matches. I think it'd be quite nice, even if almost certainly only available in offline play without risking a ban. Simply put, a 60FPS Mod for use during offline play would be great.
  2. ShootingStar

    ROM Hack RELEASE Deltarune 60FPS Hack (Switch port)

    The Switch port for a Deltarune mod I created, Deltarune 60FPS Hack, is now available! The game is running at 60FPS almost perfectly locked from start to finish with occasional minor frameskipping using the lowest clock speeds in sys-clk, which are: CPU: 612MHz GPU: 76MHz Memory: 665MHz...
  3. ShootingStar

    ROM Hack Kingdom Hearts 3D 60FPS code? (Intended for New 3DS models)

    The thread title should already give an idea of what i'm hoping for, but basically: Is it possible to make a working 60FPS code for the 3DS version of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance? When using the New 3DS, obviously CFW modded, Kingdom Hearts DDD sees a drastic performance improvement...
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