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  1. supaplex

    GBA backlight mod made by me.

    Finally finished this little one, makes me proud! I bought ugly and sticky (yuck) GBA online and took out the board to brand new case with buttons, rubers, glass front and even customized stickers. Everything is from Aliexpress (including the ez flash lol), works and feels good. The screen was...
  2. supaplex

    What should I get for My Nintendo points?

    So I have 90 gold points expiring in two days and obviously I need to choose something. I was waiting for award update but it seems Nintendo does not care - they gave some truly hideous wallpapers last week and this week nothing lol. So, to get to the point, I need to choose two games out of...
  3. supaplex

    Finally registered!

    Hello Guys! After a few years I decided to create an account. I was reading all about different topics, from FlashMe on classic DS up to todays reviews of modern games. GBAtemp FAQs were always helpful. Right now I have some gaming gear: X360, Wii, PS4, Wii U, DSi, PSP and 3DS. You can see my...
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