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  1. AlexandreBarroso

    Install more Systems to the EZ FLASH OMEGA - is it possible?

    Hello, everyone I would love to install more systems to my EZ Flash Omega, specially the Sega Master System. There is any way to do it in the same way like installing the GB or GBC games using the Goomba Color? But i don't want to lose all the files i have at the moment. There is any other...
  2. AlexandreBarroso

    Hardware EZ Flash OMEGA - "Make save error"

    Hello everyone! My Ez Flash OMEGA doesn't boot any new game that i don't own a save file already. I cannot play any new game unless i already saved it. My EZ Flash was working fine until this happened while I was booting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and any order game since. Also, the Flash card...
  3. AlexandreBarroso

    Hacking Question - EZ FLASH IV - Save FOLDER has a limit?

    I got my EZ FLASH IV white updated with a 32gb with aroud 900 games on it. My question is, does de SAVE folder has a limit to it??? I'm worried to boot a lot of games at once and not able to save them. Thank you!
  4. AlexandreBarroso

    Hacking QUESTION - Possible to update 2gb to 32gh - EZ FLASH IV (white)???

    Hello, guys. My flash card is: EZ FLASH IV (white) with 2GB - same as the picture. Is it possible to update it to 32gb? And HOW do i do it? Thank you!
  5. AlexandreBarroso

    Hacking How do i edit the KEYSET.CFG? - EZ FLASH IV

    Hey guys! I would like to edit the KEYSET.CFG but i don't know how. Please anybody send me the KEYSET.CFG for the EZ FLASH IV with the SOFTRESET TO KERNEL as L+START+SELECT instead of L+UP+B. I use a imac so it is difficult to do it myself, thank you!
  6. AlexandreBarroso

    Hacking I need help to update my EZ FLASH IV and how to install the games

    Hello guys, i need some help. I have the EZ FLASH IV (as you can see on the picture) and i need help on how update and i need to know with kernel to install, is it the EZ-FLASH OMEGA Definitive Edition??? And how do i install the games?? I saw on the internet that the "cliente program" is no...
  7. AlexandreBarroso

    Hacking Will the EZ-FLASH OMEGA Definitive Edition work on my EZ FLASH IV (white)?

    Will the EZ-FLASH OMEGA Definitive Edition work on my EZ FLASH IV (white)?
  8. AlexandreBarroso

    Hacking Ez Flash IV - White - upgrade to 32g

    Hello guys! I need help to know how to update my EZ FLASH IV (white) with 2gb to 32gb. I know the oficcial site have a "quick tutorial" but it is prettt vage, and i want some help so i don't screw this over! I tried to find a tutorial or a video on YouTube but i have found nothing. Thanks for...
  9. AlexandreBarroso

    Hacking Can't link Ezflash to a Original Cartridge - Zelda Four Swords

    Hello everyone, it's my first time i ever post on this forum, so please forgive me if i have misplaced this topic. The question is, how can i make my ez flash game Zelda Link to the Past/Zelda Four Swords link in to a original cartridge (also a Zelda Link to the Past/Zelda four Swords? I...
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