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  1. Dylan the Tactician

    Hardware o3ds XL - Root Beer spilled into it

    My cousin spilled root beer on her 3ds xl while she was at the pool (don't ask me why she had it at the pool, that's beyond me too), and while it was there the charger light was on despite it not being plugged in. I took it home, completely disassembled it, dried everything off, completely...
  2. Dylan the Tactician

    ROM Hack Fire Emblem Awakening 3d Models

    Has anyone successfully messed with the 3d character models yet? I'm trying to do some character model swaps from "Fates->Awakening" and "Awakening->Awakening", where you take a 3d model (ex: Iron Sword) from Fates/Awakening, and I'm trying to put that model in for a different weapon (ex: Bronze...
  3. Dylan the Tactician

    Gaming Unable to Go Online before and after "updating"

    I'm using an a9lh 3ds. I try to go online with Fire Emblem Fates (EU), and it "requires an update". The Friend System gives me the same message. This whole time, I'm on 11.0. I make a NAND backup just in case, then I go to system settings, hit update, and hey, it looks like something updated...
  4. Dylan the Tactician

    Homebrew FCRAM Dumping

    Problem/Dead Links: These have been...
  5. Dylan the Tactician

    Homebrew How do I even use devkitARM?

    Ok, I've spent the last hour and a half trying to figure this out (and failing), I'm trying to build Brahma 2 and Uncart to use with HBL (because with a9lh I can't select installed titles). I've installed the 1.6 devkit, but have no clue how to use it. Can someone help me/maybe write a good...
  6. Dylan the Tactician

    Homebrew Error starting FBI from the homebrewlauncher (and some n3ds rxTools bugs?)

    While attempting to use the homebrewlauncher version of FBI on a New 3ds, I encountered an issue that seems to not exist on the rest of the internet. Here's my google search to "prove" it. My Error is as follows: "Fbi has encountered a fatal error!" "Failed to set syscore CPU time limit...
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