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  1. Rob_Threat

    Hacking NDS IconHandler

    works great. thanx.
  2. Rob_Threat

    Homebrew Moonshell 2 - Covers for DPG movies possible?

    For adding preview images to DPG4s (other than as they convert), have a 256x192 *.bmp or *.jpg with the same filename as your video in the same folder (e.g. video1.avi & video1.bmp). BTW, DPGTools got a minor speed update with the "childzwai" pack. Optimized for multi-core CPUs.
  3. Rob_Threat

    Hardware What size memory stick are you using on your PSP

    8GBx2 in a microSD to MSPro adapter... and a genuine Sony 4GB as a backup.
  4. Rob_Threat

    Wood Firmware Updates to FileTrip

    a non-scene dump has been released. "XXXX – Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (U)" it's said to only load on SCTwo & akAIO 1.8.1
  5. Rob_Threat

    Hacking Firmware for M3DS simply?

    WoodR4 works perfectly fine with M3DS-Simply. Thank the Yellow Wood Goblin for bringing it back to life. :)
  6. Rob_Threat

    Are you a Sega or Nintendo Man/Women/Furry

    Sega / Saturn / SNES honorable mention... NEC's PC-Engine/TG-16 my PC-E GT stills runs great.
  7. Rob_Threat

    Hacking M3 Sakura + dpg4

    Sakura got DPG4 support in v1.47... not that anyone cares
  8. Rob_Threat

    Hacking Quick Question on trimming
  9. Rob_Threat

    Hacking Quick M3 Question

    GB? The M3DS-Real w/Rumble & GBA Paks is called "Perfect" as well. Slightly off topic... some people report their M3 RumbleRAM Paks are read as 2MB... I dunno, mine is 4MB. Of course the GBA Pak is always 32MB.
  10. Rob_Threat

    Hacking M3Sakura 1.47 3rd Edition released

    Wario DIY, Picross 3D, and Maple Story DS all work fine on 1.47 3rd for me. I use an AData 8GB class6... fresh/new saves, and no soft-reset or real-time-save. Hope you guys can sort out yours. Good luck.
  11. Rob_Threat

    Hacking Can the M3 DS Simply run the Wood R4 firmware?

    It runs great on M3DSSimply. Just drop the files on the microSD. M3DSS and the original R4 are exactly the same. Made in the same factory for GBalpha. Jumpers on the circuit board are the only difference. All homebrew that runs on R4 will run on M3DSS. Wood is awesome on M3DSS... just like...
  12. Rob_Threat

    Hacking M3 Skin Maker

    A very nice app. Thanx much for all your work.
  13. Rob_Threat

    Hacking Howto: YSMenu on M3 DS Simply

    Just get "Wood R4 1.04" from the front page of GBATemp... it's way better than Yasu's DSTT hack Menu (I deleted my Yasu install right after testing Wood... it's cool). FYI, both work 100% fine with M3DSSimply.
  14. Rob_Threat

    Moonshell 2 project complete

    I'm not taking the word of GBATemp newsbot post from someone who joined in late 2008 I don't care either, but it's been said that MoonLight is a guy many times by many people. Guy or ?... Thanks for everything!
  15. Rob_Threat

    Hacking M3i Zero with sakura OS can't play video.

    Your video is made for MoonShell2. It's a DPG4, while M3Sakura can only play DPG3 and earlier versions. Ideally, M3Sakura plays videos in it's own format DSM2 (a modified DPG3 with index image capabilities). You can load MoonShell2 on your Zero's microSD, or reconvert your original videos...
  16. Rob_Threat

    Hacking what hapened with moonlight and m3 sakura team?

    I agree with Joe88. GBalpha denied the main points, and claimed the Japanese distributor was the only one who ever dealt directly with Moonlight. Enjoy your M3 products, and buy something else if/when it wears out... if it really bothers you. We'll never really know. As an aside, why...
  17. Rob_Threat

    Hacking want to listen to a video, but not watch it

    Sakura has has several gui changes since GBalpha took over. Besides, it already can do what he wants.
  18. Rob_Threat

    Hacking want to listen to a video, but not watch it

    With the DS closed... hold down the Right shoulder button, and then press the Left shoulder button. That's how I do it anyway.
  19. Rob_Threat

    New loader for the Supercard DSTWO... and DSONE!

    not to mention "Evolution for play" has been GBalpha's (MoviePlayer/G6/M3/etc) slogan since 2006
  20. Rob_Threat

    Hacking M3 Lite losing connection?

    When my G6Lite/M3Lites have contact issues (ranging from black screens to what you describe) I use a cotton swab dipped in WD-40. Lightly rub the cart's contacts, and then dry with the clean end. This process always brings mine back to full functionality. Can't promise it'll restore yours...
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