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  1. MrGizMo

    Hacking Question How to go from here

    Now that there is SX OS support for 6.2 (i was not following the switch stuff for the last months) I guess it is time to update my switch Atm i am on 5.1 and offline. I have a clean NAND backup of 4.1 (dont think that works because of fuses?) and a clean NAND backup of 5.1 I used NSP for 2...
  2. MrGizMo

    Hardware 3DS 1.0 Firmware

    Are these things worth anything?
  3. MrGizMo

    Gaming [EU] MK8 Promo Deal

    A friend of mine also bought MK8, but he wants to give me the promo code. (dont worry, i still need to pay him :P) I used my MK8 promo code, and got Zelda WindWaker HD. If i want to use the code of my friend, i need to make a new NNID account? And a new Club Nintendo account? If that is...
  4. MrGizMo

    Gaming Helppp, going on vacation

    Hey guys ! (and girls ) Going friday on vacation, and i am going with the bus.. It takes 17 hours, until i will be in spain :'( And when i am in spain i got 13 days to chill, drink, get some chicks and to play on my DS So i need some new games for my DS (dont wanne get bored in the bus)...
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