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  1. peepy

    Tutorial Ps3 UART control YLOD error finding tutorial

    Have you ever wanted to know why your ps3 is ylod so you can fix it? well now you can with this simple guide here is the github repository: and here is a link to the guide which I will be elaborating on some points in this...
  2. peepy

    Hacking anyone here use uart yet to find ylod errors?

    Ive used it and so far its quite awesome. Fixed a couple errors but I have a few more to go seems something happened with my cpu too error 801001 usually means nec tokins are bad and 3004 mean you need to reflow the gpu I fixed both of those and now I just have 901001 and 801701 cell xdr not...
  3. peepy

    Hacking No gpp partition can I restore it?

    My switch is blue screen and I think I figured out why but I’m not sure. When I go into hekate text based version because my sd card seems to freeze hekate or anything hekate based. I go to Emmc and there is no gpp partition table? I feel like I need that hoe do I restore it? side issue anyone...
  4. peepy

    Hardware switch cant boot os atmoshpere or hekate but will boot biskeys and other tools

    So my switch is unpatched formatted to fat32 this is one that is new to me and I am fixing. It had an issue where little white lines would appear when loading cfw also blue screen when starting. I fixed that (it was the graphics ram) and now as you can see biskeys works normally. And I dumped...
  5. peepy

    Hacking where is rebug and is it coming back?

    where did the rebug website go? does team rebug have a twitter?
  6. peepy

    Hardware what happens when you switch eeprom chips?

    Im troubleshooting a switch and want to eliminate eeprom issues, when you plug in a different eeprom I know it wont fully boot because of keys etc , but does it just black screen? How would I eliminate eeprom from my list of things to check
  7. peepy

    Hacking Blue screen of death might now be hardware? help!

    So Ive got a bluscreen here this is in for repair and is a hackable switch. Replaced bq24193 but no change and no shorts that I could find other than that. Since its hackable I entered Rcm and used Tegrarcm to try to boot Hekate. It recognized the switch and sent Hekate successfully but the...
  8. peepy

    ROM Hack how do I edit models in games

    Ive seen a lot of videos where they will mod link in breath of the wild. but they arent applying textures or turning him into linkle, they mod his arm and leg size make him look weird etc. Doesn anyone know how this is done?
  9. peepy

    Hacking atosphere 14.44 ofw version 10.1 switch shuts off when screen off?

    weird issue, I tried to wake my switch after a night of charging nothing, plugged it in with a power gauge 0.0 amps tried hw reset nothing opened it unplugged the battery and it charged @.46 but nothing else after a few minutes of plugg it and another switch in to the same pc it recognized and...
  10. peepy

    Hardware nintedno switch put on charge with atmoshpere now not recognized in rcm?

    I have atmosphere, Plugged switch in last night all was good today it wouldnt boot and was pulling zero amps tried hardware reset etc, plugged into rcm says no rcm and doesnt attempt to connect to tegra rcm, I unplugged the battery and it is pulling power again but still not recognized by rcm or...
  11. peepy

    Hardware What chip is this/ anyone know the part number?

    Must have fallen off when removing the port. I don't have any boards on hand to steal from if anyone knows what this is please let me know.
  12. peepy

    Hacking atmosphere games installed corrupt but not on reinx?

    Can I transfer games from reinx to atmosphere without reinstalling? how about saves?
  13. peepy

    Hardware charging issue, charges at .46a wont turn on or fast charge

    checked caps around m92t36 doesn't appear to be any shorts, caps seem good around bq24193 as well as the coil p13usb the cap above it is also good. this switch has never been used on a 3rd party dock no liquid damage guy who I got it from said it has only been used a handful of times and it...
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