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  1. Alter

    Super Smash Bros Crash v7.5 DEMO

    Fails to load on DSTTi. Meh.
  2. Alter

    Homebrew The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light

    Thanks for actually reading the thread. Anyway, the demo can be downloaded here.
  3. Alter

    Homebrew The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light

    ...and we have a project down. Oh, well! Good show, anyway!
  4. Alter

    ROM Hack Image extracting program?

    lol That was posted almost exactly two years ago! And thanks for the help, jjjewel! Is the decompression tool on TileMolester?
  5. Alter

    ROM Hack Image extracting program?

    Sorry 'bout the bump. So I've gone through and tested about every combination on TileMolester in attempt to open quite a few files. If someone has any advice, or wants to see what they can do, I'd much appreciate it. Here are two of the files. I believe they're both images, and they're from...
  6. Alter

    Homebrew Moonshell 2 Wallpaper Request Thread

    So, I finished up with the "old" handheld Zelda series. I threw them all together in one image. You can view the individual images by clicking on the game titles just below the images. Oracle of Seasons Link's Awakening Oracle of Ages The Minish Cap
  7. Alter

    Homebrew DSi - Region Free!

    Wait; what?? Only the downloadable DSi games and programs are region-specific. Pokemon Black and White should be playable on any Nintendo DS system, as far as I know. This hasn't changed, has it?
  8. Alter

    Nintendo blocks flashcards with DSi firmware 1.4.1

    Yes, please. I've got the same thing going on here. Personally, I'm using a DSTTi. It's listed as "not functioning", but I haven't seen anyone post evidence of that.
  9. Alter

    DS #XXXX: Tingle's Balloon Fight (Japan)

    That's what I've been looking to have done, as well. If anyone actually sees this, I'd much appreciate some help with creating a translation patch.
  10. Alter

    Homebrew News Update (22/07/2010)

    Nice Sprite, Alex! I'm glad to see that some other characters will be making their way into OoP. Yeah, Kakashi's coming along quite well. However, it does have it's own thread.
  11. Alter

    Homebrew Kakashi: The Search for Tingle

    Hey everyone! A first major update; we're launching our demo engine, along with our website! The engine can be found on, where we've been posting our news and updates! While there, you can also find information about the characters, places, music and more! Also, we...
  12. Alter

    ROM Hack Official translation requests topic

    Actually, it was just confirmed by Nintendo Power that it'll likely be released before the year's end. If that wasn't the case, though, I'd be more than happy to help! Lufia was a great series; I'm just glad that it wasn't forgotten.
  13. Alter

    Homebrew Download games straight to the ds?

    The way you're all talking makes it sound like you're talking commercial ROMs. Filthy pirates. But with DSOrganize, you can download from their library of homebrew titles, so yeah, it would be possible to download any .nds file.
  14. Alter

    Homebrew DSDOOM: Let's finish it!

    So... a few people were working on this. Is it safe to assume that it's dead? Regardless, I think that there are several improvements that could be made, and would love to see them implemented.
  15. Alter

    Homebrew Weird Homebrew?

    I remember something about a tickle girl game. The goal was to tickle a girl by touching her with the stylus. Never tried it, as it seemed kind of pointless. Either way, that's probably the most bizarre.
  16. Alter

    Homebrew Kakashi: The Search for Tingle

    Update: No demo yet, but we have just released a few 100% original preview tracks that are slated to appear in the game. The see the entire news post, check it out over here: Kakashi: The Search for Tingle Music Preview. For the download link, click here: Kakashi Preview Music. Hope this...
  17. Alter

    Homebrew Kakashi: The Search for Tingle

    Just a quick update: There will be a short-but-pretty demo released in the next few days. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Also, we're going to set up a website for this game's development; we'll let you know where that'll be sonn!
  18. Alter

    Homebrew Super Smash Bros. Clash!

    Best of luck to you and your team! I look forward to the download. Just be sure that it works on the mainstream flashcarts.
  19. Alter

    ROM Hack Sprite Rips

    What's your problem? I mean seriously, you think that people aren't allowed to ask questions? All I said was that searching did me no good. Also, I'm not to pleased with the insulting private message you sent me. I hope you can grow up.
  20. Alter

    ROM Hack Sprite Rips

    Let's see... crystaltile2; people whining about how it's not in English and is too complicated. Not to mention it's over three years old. The games I'm looking to hack up are ones that haven't been hacked before. The reason I'm asking is because it's far quicker for someone to give me a...
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