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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'Anyone Want a GoogleWave Invite?'

    Ah, sorry mate. Will use search next time.
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    Anyone Want a GoogleWave Invite?

    Im thinking as well we should have a group on it for keeping in check with Gaming Nights, that kind of thing. Anyways, if you want a invite just reply with your email. Do not flame me if you do not get a invite, but i do encourage people who i do give a invite out to, to follow the leader and...
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'Bored so made me a rant on what's new.'

    Get a M3Real Perfect Bundle, with Triple Boot Loader + a 16GB SD Card for your media. Congratz, you have a nice little thang going on.
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'Yay! I got my car! :D'

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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'The Death of DS'

    Pwned. :yayds:
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    Help me Prove my Brother Wrong!

    Okay, its christmas time and my brother thinks he can get the following for £130 - Xbox 360 Elite. (Boxed). 10 Games (Including MW2, and Assasins Creed 2). (He reckons that he can get the games, all ten of them for £50). Accessories (Controller etc). For £130. Even i think that is stupid...
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'What are you looking forward to this Christmas?'

    Opening my present, having my family around, all that stuff ;)
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    My NDS Finally Goes on Sale!

    I finally got (part) of my stuff i have decided to sell on eBay! I got the NDS Console, and 3 games. But i still have my old Pokemon GBC games and GameCube games to do as well. NDS Console - Brain...
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    Reviews for my new Forum ? =)

    Me and my mate, (El) have started a new forum :D The main subject of it is Role-Play, on any genre. We have just about sorted everything admin wise, but a few reviews / comments about it would help us improve it alot more :) And yes, i realise we only have 2members, that because we havent...
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'Homebrewing = stress'

    I get the same sometimes about my TV, Computer etc. It sounds pathetic when other people hear about it but it actually scares you >>
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'How do you survive on a 2GB SD Card for ROMs?'

    Not all my rom space is for games, and i like to try different games on the go. Rather then keep swapping them always. I have alot of South Park which i watch on the Metro alot as well. And alot of my spare time is used by my NDS, therefore its good for me to have a variety to pick from. I...
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    How do you survive on a 2GB SD Card for ROMs?

    Been browsing the forum, and most people only have around 2GB SD Cards for ROMs etc. Ironically i was downloading 40 of my favourite roms whilst discovering this. And i mean 40 just as starter. I have a 16GB Memory card.. and i hope to get another one soon. But considering once you get the...
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'Is there hope for me getting a DS Lite?'

    Umm yes it can. M3 Perfect Bundle, includes Ram and GBA Slot-2. And for GB & GBC, LameBoy ftw. And i am fully aware that the DS cannot play GBC games without using a FlashCart.. hence why i got a flashcart and backed up my games.
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'Is there hope for me getting a DS Lite?'

    We all know the DSi sucks. £50 extra for firmware updates and a VGA Camera... o0o0o0h. Also - Would the screen have been replaced or would be scratched and messed up? The screen is extremely important to me haha xD Also, i read this ~...
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    Comment by 'wildfire95' in 'Is there hope for me getting a DS Lite?'

    Ill probably end up borrowing my of my sisters games and sell that as well >> Christ, im to desperate for this console >< :unsure:
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    Is there hope for me getting a DS Lite?

    Is there a hope for me getting a DSLite? I have already Sold my iPod (which was faulty) and got £60 for it. I now only have the following to try and get £80 :hateit: Consoles - Nintendo DS. &#40;Has a few scratches&#41; Accessories - Nintendo DS Case Games - Super Monkey Ball - Touch &...
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    wildfire95's Blog

    wildfire95's Blog
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    wildfire95's Blog

    wildfire95's Blog
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