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  1. bbcali89

    Hacking Alright been a awhile since I been on forums. Need some guidance here.

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted on here in some time. I just need some direct instructions of how to do these things: Run Virtual Wii games on Wii U Run Wii U games [including VC games on wii U] Are injects possible for ds titles etc? Thanks so much for any replies. The guides are all...
  2. bbcali89

    Suicide of Near, bsnes and higan developer

    Why couldn't yall just leave him alone. :( Rest in Peace near. You were an amazing individual who devoted thousands of hours to making a high accuracy emulator when all we had was zsnes and snes 9x. You will be sorely missed by many and it will haunt me to never seen a bsnes update again. :(
  3. bbcali89

    Hacking I am super behind in PSvita hacking. Can someone update me?

    Hello everyone! I used to have a PSTV modded, well I still do but I never used it. I've had my psvita for a long time but finally got around to fixing the screen some months ago now I want to get into the hacking scene with it. It is on 3.52 Can anyone help me with a updated tutorial? I am...
  4. bbcali89

    Gaming Animal Crossing: New Horizons General discussion thread

    How do you play with more then one player? I can't find the islander app its not on my phone.
  5. bbcali89

    Gaming Animal Crossing: New Horizons General discussion thread

    ALSO HOW DO I MAKE A SHOVEL...annoying i have all the other tools but no shovel.
  6. bbcali89

    Gaming Animal Crossing: New Horizons General discussion thread

    I think the game is fun. I don't like how restricted I feel in the beginning. Also crafting gets annoying with so little inventory space.
  7. bbcali89

    [UPDATE] Atmosphère version 0.10.1 now available

    @SciresM do I just replace the files on atmosphere folder? How does upgrading atmosphere work? Thank you! - people are also saying hekate needs to be updated is that true?
  8. bbcali89

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Updated my switch accidentally to 9.1. Do we have a eta for new cfw?
  9. bbcali89

    'Final Fantasy VII Remake' gets new Tokyo Game Show trailer

    One of the best video game trailers I've ever seen. Wow
  10. bbcali89

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Alright so can anyone who doesn't have a pretentious attitude help me? I've explained the issue. Thanks
  11. bbcali89

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Drax anyway you can help with my issue? Seem to have corrupted my emummc. I went to install a new goldleaf nro and when I put the card back into my switch atmosphere failed to load my emummc partition. So I deleted everything off card, reput atmosphere on via github and did a fresh emummc with...
  12. bbcali89

    Hacking Possible corrupt EMUMMC?

    I wanted to install the new goldleaf version on my switch. I put it on my card and when I rebooted my switch atmosphere said failed to mount EMUMMC. I am assuming somehow the emummc got corrupted is there an easy fix to this? Even if their isn't anyone have step by step to resolve this issue? I...
  13. bbcali89

    Hacking Limitations of overclocking switch.

    Are there any limitations to overclocking? Does anyone overclock to the max setting on retroarch? 1.7ghz. How about on switch games? Is there a application that would allow me to overclock further? What is the extent anyone has safely gotten with active cooling? Thanks !
  14. bbcali89

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

  15. bbcali89

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    Yes indeed forgot to mention that sorry
  16. bbcali89

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    What is going on with this front end? Almost emulators freeze on start randomly say error occurred and flow me back to home screen of switch. Not sure whats going on. I downloaded retroarch from the github. Just a bit lost why a ton of n64 games do it. Are they incompatible? Any help would be...
  17. bbcali89

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Having issues getting into rcm. I have a safety pin i bent to fit in line with 1 and 10. Doesnt seem to be working. Any advice?
  18. bbcali89

    Gaming Nintendo and The Switch is a HUGE Disappointment!

    Tell that to Nintendo's pocketbooks. They are making BANK off the switch.
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