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  1. Roxasorg13

    Hacking 8.0.1- 6 burnt fuses. I Want to restore a Clean NAND backup to use EmuMMC. Am i in trouble?

    Hi! how are you? I have a switch on 8.0.1 and i use AutoRCM, but before i updated my switch version i didnt use AutoRCM, so i booted to OFW and burnt fuses, right now my counter is at 6. I want to use EmuMMC (maybe right now, maybe in the next couple of weeks/months when there is a simpler way...
  2. Roxasorg13

    Hacking Where to buy a hackable switch in the US?

    Hi! im buying a new switch in the next few days. Currently im in the US, do you know in which stores i have more posibilities of finding a hackable model?
  3. Roxasorg13

    Hacking Question 5.1.0 OG here. Should i update my System Software or change any apps?

    Hello! i have CFW on my switch. Right now i use ReiNX, i have version 5.1.0 and i everything is allright so far, thats why im still in this version. Im going on a trip and i wanted to install some NSPs (namelly FFVII, some game updates,etc.) and im having trouble installing them, i assume its...
  4. Roxasorg13

    Hacking "A system update is required to use the microSDXC memory card"

    I just did my NAND backup before installing cfw, just in the last step of the backup (dumping key files using homebrew loader) my switch displays this message, and i am unable to launch the homebrew launcher. Right now im on airplane mode, so i dont make any mistakes. Am i doing something wrong...
  5. Roxasorg13

    Hacking Question I have all the tools needed to hack my switch. Which cfw/tool/OS should i use?

    Hi, how are you doing? Im about to hack my switch and right now i already have all the parts needed (Adata 128 gb micro sd and jig) the only thing that has been bugging me for the past week is which cfw/tool/OS should i use? I Could get SX OS licence for about 25 bucks, do you think is worth it...
  6. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Should i Get something from the E3 Sale?

    Hi! I saw that there is a sale currently on PSN and there are games on 5-10 dls i can buy 1 or 2, Is there a game or two that are worth getting? Also, is the last of us for 20 bucks worth it? i used to have it, but i sold it and i want to play it again. Im just not sure if i can get it cheaper...
  7. Roxasorg13

    Gaming 20 dls On PSN , cant decide what to get. Help?

    Hi, as the title says, i actually have 20 dls on my PSN account and i want to buy a game, but i cant decide between: LBP3 BloodBorne Dlc Resident Evil HD Remake (1) Rocket League (Im angry cuz i didnt purchase it when it was free on PS Plus haha) Whait till Ps Plus Sale Cant you help me...
  8. Roxasorg13

    Gaming I suck at Fallout 4 , Advice?

    Hi, I know this Thread is a little stupid, but i bought fallout when it was out, Its the first fallout game i buy, so i am not very familiar with the game. But i bought it because its an open world game and people said it is inmense. So i play every game i buy on the hardest or second hardest...
  9. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Fire Emblem: Awakening Help&Tips

    Hi! Im playing Fire Emblem:Awakening in Hard Difficulty , right now im in Chapter 2, and i dont want to use Frederick because i want to level up my other characters, i really love fire emblem, but i just dont get used to this game, i find it , really REAAALLY difficult, can you give me some...
  10. Roxasorg13

    Hacking Urgent Gateway 3DS help

    Hi i just bought a 3ds xl with gateway and 9.2 system EMUnand Everything was working fine, the system language was in spanish so i changed it to english, and now everytime i try to load gateway mode touching the ds profile it doesnt load, it loads the name and color config. I dont know what to...
  11. Roxasorg13

    Gaming AMD A8 5500m games?

    Hi , i have a laptop with AMD A8 5500M APU 1.9 GH with turbo boost (2.7 GH)i think I just wanted to know what games would work "well" with this specs . thank you (:
  12. Roxasorg13

    Hardware Where can i find a White Vita?

    Hi, im thinking about selling my ps vita and getting a new one. Obviously i prefer a white vita, because its beautiful, but i dont know exactly in what stores i can find it , can you tell me ? Sorry for my english, im from mexico , Thanks :lol:
  13. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Rayman Legends or Killzone Mercenary?

    Good afternoon, I have 40 dls on my PSN account reserved for one of these games. I have rayman legends. allmost finished 100% GREAT GAME .Downloaded rayman legends demo and its beast, but since i watched killzone mercenary trailer i felt in love with it . i played the beta, but you know...
  14. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Recomend Good recent games?

    Hey!! i havnt visited any local store recently, so i wanted to know your oppinion about some great recent games for vita i already have MGS HD collection, LBP vita, and fifa soccer (Fifa 12 , i didnt upgrade to 13 because people says there is no difference, and i have the console one). I...
  15. Roxasorg13

    Gaming 1 day before the release!

    Hey tempers! im going to USA tomorrow (im from Mexico) i am getting back on july 29th one day before the KH 3D release date.....are there any chances i can get the game in that date? Here in mexico the games are too expensive :S
  16. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Pokemon Black 2 Wich translation?

    Hey! i have a pokemon black 2 on my DSTWO with the pokestation 1.4 patch...and i saw project pokemons and pokestations patch has been updated...wich patch is more complete? Thx a lot Srry for the bad english :D
  17. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Pokemon HG/SS Shiny starter help

    Hey! i reeeaally want a shiny starter , I have a DSTWO wich has a SAVE SLOT option and to have the shiny starter people has to save before chosing the starter and keep resetting until it goes shiny.... The question is can i use a save slot instead of keep soft resetting? because it takes less...
  18. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Pokemon Emerald DSTWO help

    Hey! , i was playing pokemon emerald on my supercard DSTWO ...and i spected some sound sound problems....gameplay is fine but the game sounds are a little weird....lets say they are UNRITHMIC....or UNSINCRONIZED... :S anyone experienced this? this happens to me with all pokemon games.... THX!!!!
  19. Roxasorg13

    Gaming Help me to decide!

    Hey!!! so im in the from mexico... i was planing to buy Resident evil : Revelations +`Circle pad pro bundle... but i was on best buy and saw the "limited edition" 2 discs final fantasy XIII-2(ps3) and COD MW3... so anyone have this games? , can you help me to decide, cuz i cant buy more...
  20. Roxasorg13

    Gaming RE: revelations bunde question

    Hey!!!! today i was searching the re revelations + circle pad pro bundle on internet and i found it on gamestop its $70 bucks but i was it the europe cool box bundle??? or just the game + the circle pad and what does de bundle have? i mean..SPECIAL THINGS? because its 10 bucks...
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