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    Hacking 2 DSi XLs 2 Acekard, 1 Problem

    I have 2 new DSi XLs and trying to set them up for my kids for Christmas, DSi XLs are 4.1U. Both cards work great in one of the DSi XLs, but neither card works in the second DSi XL. I do not see the "Alex Rider StormBreaker THQ" icon where I see it on the working one. Any ideas?
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    Hacking Old Setup, Ver 3.2U with USB Loader

    I wanted to update the hacked wii to the latest available so I can play the newest (and my current old games) on my wii via USB loader. I have not updated anything in nearly a year, maybe more. What steps should I take to updated my current Ver 3.2U Wii so i can still use my USB Loader to play...
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