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    Strange Nintendo Spam Mail

    I received this strange mail today: (I replaced the end of the userID with XXXXXX in case somebody tries to open it and made the link unclickable.) It's an HTML mail, but there's no dangerous content. Sender address seems to be like in most spam mails ([email protected], no full name...
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    No more stars for visits on

    I used to visit daily because of the 5 stars they are giving away for each visit every 24h. Today I noticed that the number of my stars didn't increase anymore, and looking at the history of stars earned so far I saw that the last time I got stars for a daily visit was on...
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    Hardware Action Replay on European Wii?

    Today I tried to run the US version of Resident Evil 4 on my European Wii using Datels Freeloader, but it doesn't work. The Wii refuses to run the Freeloader disc, the same disc works perfectly on my PAL Gamecube. So I searched around the web, but I couldn't find a clear answer. According to...
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    Hacking SuperCard Lite menu: "Saver"?

    I got a SuperCard Lite for my DS Lite a couple of days ago. Being a (former) M3 user, it's quite a change, and I couldn't find any documentation for the SuperCard menu, so I'm a little bit lost here. I took a look at the FAQ and SC reviews here on GBAtemp, but they didn't help me that much...
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    Hacking New M3 Game Manager

    There's a new Game Manager for M3: M3 Game Manager V22E ==================== 1. Support running the new nds game 0505-Mario Basket 3...
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