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    Im selling my stuff

    Included is: -DS Lite -PassCard -M3 Movie Player(FlashCart) -New Super Mario Bros. (Game) -2 Gig miniSD Card -Carrying Case -All Software Needed 250 shipped
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    Homebrew M3 emulation problem

    my ds backups work fine. but when i try to run pocket nes, it wont load when i try to run any nes backup it wont load, im in GBA mode, and it says Loading..! 00000KB and then nothing happens, any ideas
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    Hacking Questions about m3

    ok, so how would i load emulators onto the DS with m3 and get them to work? the game manager only has GBA and DS and what about videos? should i use their software or re-encode my videos with something else...thanx
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    Hacking Just Order EZPass2 and SuperCard SD

    all i need is the SD card right? i should be all set as far as hardware is concerned?
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