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    Hacking where in the uk does 360 mods?

    iv recently got a 2nd hand 360 console and i plan to have it hacked to play back ups but iv been out of the modding scene for about 2 yr so i just want to send it somewhere to be hacked/modded i have a ton of back ups to play where in the uk can i send my xbox to be hacked? can someone please...
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    Hacking finally decided to upgrade from 3.55 need a little help....

    hi fellas ok i been on kemaw 3.55 for absolutely ages but i feel its finally time to upgrade to rogero 4.46/4.50 i have the update ready to go and the latest multiman ready to install i just need to do it... some questions.. it says i can just put the update on a usb and update direct from the...
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    Hacking back to the future just wont play

    hi fellas what do i need on my wii the get back to the futur to work? the latest zelda works fine... back to the future loads but when i select a chapter it resets to the wii menu im on pal 3.2e softmod using usbgx the gx player is fully up to date but i think some of my ios are old versions...
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    Gaming some games not working lately

    ok i recently got back to the future and cod mw3 and black ops on bttf i can get to the chapter select screen then when i select a chapter it resets to the wii menu and the 2 cod games doesnt get past the loading screen, black ops freezes and mw3 just loads forever, all games are on my ext...
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    Gaming will a new wii remote plus work on my old fw version wii?

    i have a modded wii and iv not updated since version 3.2 and i want to know if the new-er wii remote plus will work on my wii? im gonna need one for zelda so i need to know if it works i have a 3rd party add on wii motion plus but it stinks and isnt too accurate so im just gonna get a proper wii...
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    Hacking how do i update mt jailbreak dongle? if thats whats needed

    ok iv had the original JB dongle since launch but recently some of the newer back ups aint been loading (cod, assassins creed) etc all i get is "an error occoured on starup" and it takes me back to the ps3 menu im on fw 3.41 and iv never changed any settings or anything, all i have is back up...
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    Homebrew homebrew browser not working

    i have not changed anything or messed with any settings but now for some reason when i select homebrew browser from the homebrew ch it hangs at the black load up screen.. is ther something i have missed? i aint changed anything on my wii since the last priiloader update ages ago
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    Hacking cant boot homebrew from priiloader after HB update

    i aint been on my wii for weeks and today i switched it on and went on to the homebrew channel and ther was an update.. everything when smoothly it took me to hackmii and told me to install homebrew ch to update it i did all that and everything appears to still work accept now i cant boot the...
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    acecards etc for 3ds?

    do you think we will have the acecards/flash cards etc for the 3ds? i really hope we do
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    Hacking usb gx prince of persia not working...

    the forgotten sands... it wont load with usb gx but will with neogammer from usb its the 1st game in ages that hasnt worked from usb gx i hear it needs a little attention to get working from gx can some one please tell me how or provide a link to a guid on how to get it running? i have the pal...
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    Hacking wiiware games wont work anymore

    when i download a wad i can put it on the system menu but when i click on it it resets and goes back to system menu what do i need to update in order to play this stuff? im on a soft mod pal wii 3.2e waninkos revision 17 and i got dop mii v12 so i just need to know what to update
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    Hacking updating my acekard 2i???

    i have a dsi xl and im currently on AK1.6rc1 and i tried to update to rc2 using wifi but it just got stuck on a white screen after updating then no games would load they just hang on a white screen also so i had to delete the firmware and put the original one back on the mem card now its back to...
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    Hacking acekard 2i features

    ok i got my new dsi xl and new acekard 2i (my 1st acekared) everythings working sweet games are playing etc no probs im on the akaio firmware 1.6rc1 what features should i be looking to get/download? (the best ones)
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    Hacking how do i get my r4 to work in my new DSI XL?

    i just got a new dsi xl and i was told that my r4 upgrade card would work in it but when i insert it it just says "error etc please check dsi manual" it works perfectly in my old 1 generation fat ds (not ds light) i was hoping it would work as i have LOADS of games on it can some one tell me how...
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    Hacking question regarding sd cards on wii

    ok i have 3.2 e so i dont have 4.0 sdhc compatability but if i get a larger mem card say 16g will homebrew utilize it or will it still just see it as a 2g or 3 or whatever the wiis limit was for 3.2e thanks
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    Hacking wiisx

    can wiisx play ps1 eboot files that my psp plays? and is ther a game compatability list anywhere? thanks ps is it the cue file or bin file i need of the game i wish to play or both?
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    Hacking just had an idea

    would this be possible?? its basically an emulation of your wii using your nand and it loads up on ur pc so basically you can check on things before you actually go and install it on your wii so say you wanted to update from 3.2 to 4.2 or whatever and you got the update but ur too scared to use...
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    Hacking wii themes

    hi ok im thinking of putting the dark wii theme on my 3.2e wii i have the correct menu theme version (3.2e) my questions is if i want to change back to the normal standard theme do i need it on the mem (the standard theme) card or can it just be turned back optionally?
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    Hacking ds xl R4I ??

    hi i hope this is posted in the correct place forgive me if its not but the ds section said i couldnt start a post ?? im thinking of getting the new dsi xl and i was just wondering if my R4I-SDHC will work with it? if it wont will any others work with the dsi xl? manny thanks
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    Hacking priiloader

    hi guys i just installed hackmii on to my wii using priiloader how do i uninstall it? the only options are install and load but no uninstall i ment to just press load but pressed install by mistake when i go to system menu hacks it says couldnt find hacks ini on the nand? but it will load...
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