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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    apparently the 3DS will be, in some ways, more powerful than the Wii I have been thinking for a long time that, even if it's less powerful than the wii but at least more powerful than the PSP, that gamecube emulation COULD work but if you look at THIS you'll see that the developers are saying...
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    Hacking Black Ops iso (burned to disk) not working

    It shows the logos and stuff, then it says loading on the bottom corner of the screen and just freezes lyk that anyone having the same problem? any solutions?
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    ROM Hack Death Note games translation project (need help)

    I want to translate the deathnote games starting with the first one now, this is the first time I've tried to do anything lyk this, but I want to do it first off, what will I need to get the rom open so I can see all the files inside and, I will need to know how to edit these files if anyone...
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    Hacking problem loading games on R4i SDHC

    every time I try to load these 2 games I keep getting a message that says: disk errcode=-82 please reset system what do I do I'll give some other info, if it helps I have 2 SD 2GB micro cards that I switch out when I wanna play a game on my other card, I have over 50MB free on the card that...
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    Hacking how do I use the shop channel and keep homebrew

    is there a way to use the shop channel and keep the HBC I can't update or I loose the HBC, I heard there is a way to fix the shop so I don't have to update please help, exactly how do I do it ???
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    Hacking is this a good site to buy my Acekard 2i???

    ds cards depot??? is it safe? do they steel your money? do they steel your ID? I know they SAY there safe, but are they??? and they say there with yahoo, whats that about I need an acekard 2i but my grandma is too scared to order stuff over the internet, she'll do it if a have lots of people...
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    dose anyone know of a site ware I can get free iPod games

    the only sites I can find on google are trivia games
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    How do you get a gba emulator on a iPod nano???

    can any1 tell me how to put this stuff on my ipod??? PLEASE!!!
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    Gaming gripshift PSP hack

    dose anyone know when it'll be ready??? also, whats the chance that it will brick my PSP (I have no way of getting another 1 unless the maker of this hack sends me a new 1) and, once my psp is hacked, will I be able to use the PSP store??? also, will emulators work??? thats the main reason I...
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    Hacking I just got Animal Crossing toolkit(Wii) and I need a save file to test

    thanks in advance p.s., it has to be a .dat file
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