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  1. Kalf2112

    ROM Hack Romfs folder always empty??

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but whenever I attempt to extract an XCI all the NCA files are extracted and the directories (folder) called 'extracted' is made and the Romfs folders in it are always empty. I have tried it with 15 different XCI so its not a singular issue. Any help is...
  2. Kalf2112

    ROM Hack LayeredFS possible for Xenoverse 2?

    Would it be possible to use modded hairstyles and items in Xenoverse 2 for Switch using layeredSF? As I saw something similar like it in BOTW.
  3. Kalf2112

    Homebrew EdiZon JSON files?

    My first post btw. I was wondering if there was any of these for save editing on the Nintendo Switch. I am using SX OS 1.3 on frimware 5.1.
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