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  1. Knightwill

    Hacking 3ds cfw

    Just go with another way of downloading games like website that give cias or type on google I think cia is cause of problem not system
  2. Knightwill

    Hacking 3ds cfw

    Are you running a patch files? Or freeshop version? or wii u helper?
  3. Knightwill

    Hacking How to force update a 3DS

    Ctrtransfer Is best thing if you have software only
  4. Knightwill

    Gaming Out region games is it risky

    Is it bad move play out region games will it ban just For online play? or For offline only?
  5. Knightwill

    Homebrew Can you back up games downloaded from freeshop?

    Godmode9 back up games to cia check it youtube it
  6. Knightwill

    Homebrew Ledybot for USUM

  7. Knightwill

    Gaming -New N2DSXL- What To Install Pre/Post Hacking

    Try Checkpoint not jksm - is better good interface Pksm - pkhex without pc Anemone - custom theme Get the 3dsx for not flag
  8. Knightwill

    Homebrew Is the 3DS CFW illlegal?

    Modding your personal device not against the law but it loss warranty but piracy is pirating games is illegal
  9. Knightwill

    Homebrew Install legit .cia in 11.4.0-37E without cfw,gw...

    Thanks info there many rumor in banwaves Usum update is most recent have detector in update 1.2 if you legit copy
  10. Knightwill

    Homebrew Install legit .cia in 11.4.0-37E without cfw,gw...

    Take note that only way you ban is playing online with pirated game or use of homebrew cia.
  11. Knightwill

    ROM Hack Can't import save

    use save manager to import save cause if you just put it in a folder it will not detect it as save file
  12. Knightwill

    Hacking FBI Disappearing

    delete unsed ones
  13. Knightwill

    Gaming Pokemon Genning Risk

    Is Genning pokemon and trading/battle them have downside/disadvantage? like ban game or system ban
  14. Knightwill

    Hacking R4 timebomb

    which r4 has no timebomb Any advise
  15. Knightwill

    Hacking NTR questions

    is ntr safe from ban if your just stream i want to create gaming channel
  16. Knightwill

    Hacking NTR CFW steaming safe?

    is ntr safe form ban if your just stream pokemon with nfc patch maybe? Do anyone have experiance using ntr for video creation purpose share.
  17. Knightwill

    Gaming transfer pokemon with pksm to usum. dex not registering as catched?

    pksm weakness is not registering the poke dex so pksm it first then just pkhex it to add poke dex
  18. Knightwill

    ROM Hack Latest Commit PKHeX js site for pkhex Look and Try it
  19. Knightwill

    Hacking Is safe to go online with cia games

    thanks for your advise
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