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    Capture video on O3DSXL w/o capture card?

    I have a hacked OLD 3DS and I want to record a video of my gameplay on it. Of course, I can just hold my camera in front of it the entire time, but the Switch has it so much more convenient by just holding a button. With a Google search, there were lots of results spammed by corporation...
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    Hacking What happened?

    My first thread got locked for no reason and I cannot find my second one.
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    Hacking So should I give up?

    I have a MARIKO (iPatched) switch. I am not willing to sell it, and/or buy a modchip from a sketchy website, hope that I actually get it, and then solder it. Unpatched switches are no longer being made, and they sell for 2x MSRP. Please tell me that there's a hack in development for these...
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    "Real" Wii NAND.

    Anyone knows HOW do you get a "real" Wii NAND to connect to WarioWare DIY showcase WFC and download games? The generated NANDs no longer work, so can someone send me a NAND or information on how to get one?
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    Misc How do you delete the 3DS transfer tool?

    So the DSi shop can be used now only to download the tool to transfer to a 3DS. So I downloaded it to showcase the DSi shop's uselessness after 2016, saying that I'll delete if after the download. But how was I supposed to know that you CANNOT delete it? The DSi was borrowed and I'm kinda sure...
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    How to get modchip and how to install it without soldering?

    Is there a way to get a Switch modchip without buying from sketchy stores that won't deliver or deliver a faulty one, and install it W/O soldering, not W/? I've recently seen an influx of people getting a modchip and successfully installing it, so is there an easier way to do it now?
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    Is there a way to dump a PATCHED switch?

    I want to install the switch's certificate into my browser so I can access eShop on my PC. But to do that, you need to dump your switch. My switch is mariko == PATCHED (no exploit).
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    Hacking How do you move DSiware from TwilightMenu++ to system menu?

    To clarify, I have all of the following: - TwilightMenu++ with Flipnote Studio installed on it - Unlaunch - A SD card with Flipnote Studio also on it (which is locked to not copy via data management for some reason) HOW exactly do you transfer FS from TwilightMenu++ to the normal system menu so...
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    HELP ME - Am I screwed???

    I borrowed some DSis from my school assistant, and she gave me two of them, both had Flipnote Studio on it. I wanted to transfer data from one Flipnote Studio to another, so I figured I would copy FS from one DSi to a provided SD card, and from it to the second one. So I deleted flipnote studio...
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    "oNe oR mOrE cOnTrOlLeRs hAvE rEmApPeD bUtToNs" - SHUT UP already

    Every time I boot the Switch out of sleep mode, I get the annoying notification telling me that I have remapped buttons. I KNOW I HAVE REMAPPED BUTTONS. THAT'S WHY I USE THE SETTING. Does this bother nobody else? Or is there a secret way to turn off this annoying notification?
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    I'm sorry for all caps, but 3.2 is an ABSOLUTE ABOMINATION that makes me want to rip my eyes out. HOW DO I GO BACK TO V3 AND NOT THIS!!!
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    TempStyle 2 and 1?

    Where is 2 and 1? Can I not use these styles anymore?
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    When will my WP expire?

    [Post deleted. My warning point has expired somehow?]
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    Gaming Will someone ever bring back Mario 35?

    It has been down since April and I miss it so much already. I still have it installed on my Switch and I won't give it up.
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    Gaming So will Miiverse ever come back?

    I enjoyed Miiverse so much.
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    Won't fix Is there a way to hide the "news" completely?

    I'm using GBATemp to chat about Nintendo stuff with a large community on a forum, since Nintendo decided to shut down support forums. I believe that a majority of people here also come here for the forums. Yet, there are a lot of distractions trying to distract you from the forums completely...
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    Gaming Nintendo is unfair to people in countries they deem "unworthy".

    I'm sadly in one of these. There is absolutely NO technical support for the Switch here. While official repair centers exist, they're not by Nintendo and instead a company meant to replace Nintendo here. And apparently they don't care about warranties at all because we sent in our left joycon...
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    Gaming They fixed the typo!

    Finally, the "Send to Smart Device" menu doesn't say "Send Mutliple" and says "Send Multiple"... The typo was driving me crazy.
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    Homebrew How do I make Everybody Votes work on Dolphin?

    Yes, I have used the VFF downloader & the patcher program. It has patched the WADs and it made Check Mii Out working. However, Everybody Votes just WON'T work at all. I import a savefile and it throws up Error Code 239001. Always. Depending on if I have a valid savefile, the error either kicks...
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    Hacking Any new ways to get device ID for patched switches?

    The mkey generator site says that the ID can be derived from fuses, and the burnt fuses can be derived from installed FW. Yet, I still cannot figure out a way to actually GET the ID without hacking the Switch, which will never apparently be possible on patched switches without soldering...
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