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    Hacking accidentally updated to 1.4.5E, m3i zero no longer works

    i took a chance and updated my DSi to 1.4.5E, because i needed to check the store for something. unfortunately the thing i wanted wasn't in the store, and not only that but now my m3i zero no longer works. first question, is there a firmware for m3i zero that works on DSi 1.4.5E? if not, what...
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    Gaming Question re: region locking

    Hi I would really like to buy the Korg DS10 plus software for my DSi or DSi XL, but it wasn't released in Europe. Am I to understand that the extra 4 synths (ie the DSi content) won't work on either console? If that's the case, does anyone want to sell me a USA DSi or DSi XL? :lol:
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    Gaming It's competition time again - 2 chances to win a K101!

    Check here for details... This time you have a chance to win simply by coming up with the name for the device... no Photoshop skills necessary in part 1 of the competition.
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    Gaming Win a K1 Reverse Engineered GBA!

    Finally there’s some news regarding this marvellous machine. If you head on over to obscurehandhelds you’ll see that the mass production run of K1 handhelds has begun and they’re going to be making their way over to an English language store for sale very soon. It’s taken far too long, but I am...
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    Yinlips YDPG16 Review

    Hi, For anyone interested in these Android handhelds, I just finished my review of the YDPG16. It's a new handheld for emulating systems up to and including the N64 and PS1. You can check out the review by clicking the image, if you're interested.
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    Hacking help me update my m3i zero!

    alright folks, i just dug out my ds which has been collecting dust for a fair while, and before i start loading games onto my m3i zero i want to make sure i'm all up to date. what is the best OS for the m3i zero, is it still sakura? which is the latest version, and will i need to reflash the...
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    Hacking jailbreak2 supports any software you want

    just saw this go up on lightake today. it's pretty much a blank teensy+ stick then i suppose?
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    the real a330 will be released soon

    i know that pics of this thing have been on the net for months, but in the past couple of days an admin from chinavasion posted on the dingoonity forums to say that they'll be receiving stock "soon". other sources say that release date is mid to late september. a load of new pics surfaced too...
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    Review My Pandora Review

    Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive my Pandora handheld in the post. It came as somewhat of a surprise since I had no official shipping confirmation, just a message from Jacquelyn in passing that mine would ship soon. It was estimated by the OP admin that I was between 315 and 365 in the...
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    Gaming korg ds plus release date?

    Sorry for yet another thread about this software but i cant find any reliable info anywhere. IGN says it was released in Europe on the 16th of Feb - but that can't be true as it's not for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find any more reliable info? Ta
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    Gaming best place to get gba cartridge cases from?

    i was hoping DX or FP stocked some cheap ones but i cant find any there. they seem a tad expensive on ebay... anyone know of anywhere to get em cheap?
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    Gaming how to spot fake pokemon carts?

    hi i just bought pokemen ruby and sapphire off ebay and i suspect they may be fake, but i cant find any up to date guides on how to tell. does anyone have any tips on how i can see if these carts are the real deal or not? things that make me dubious are the fact that the carts "rattle" when i...
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    Hardware New and improved GBA

    Well i've always preferred the original GBA as it was comfortable to hold and robust too. What i didn't like was the lack of a lit screen... and i never felt comfortable enough to fit an afterburner. Well the chinese have come to the rescue, albeit 10 years too late. They've managed to clone...
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    Hacking m3i zero - cant load games?

    hello. i just got my m3i zero. i have installed the f.core.dat file from here: and put on the SYSTEM dir from the same page (System for M3i Zero & M3DS Real(19-10-2009)). i can browse the card just fine. the danny phantom logo shows up...
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    Hacking dsi is region locked :(

    my korg ds10 plus just arrived from japan, and my dsi does not recognise it. after some googling i found out that games with dsi content in them are region locked. i feel like such a nob, i was so badly looking forward to it arriving as well
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    Hacking dumping dsi only carts

    is this possible? I cant find a thread about it... I just bought korg ds10 plus which only works o the dsi... Are there any tools that might help me to dump cartridge or is it impossible for now?
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    Hacking choosing the right dsi cart

    i guess its between the acekard2i and the m3i zero? I'm not aware of any better carts available anyway, if im wrong please enlighten me! Initially i was going for the acekard but im unsure if simple firmware updates will be enough to circumvent future nintendo updates, because as i gather the...
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    Hacking which expansion to buy?

    i have an original r4 running ysmenu - which is the best expansion pack to buy? i only really want to play gba gmes on it, not fussed about the browser much.
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    Hacking yet another gh5 / rb beatles thread

    i can hear you sighing as you open this thread and im sorry, i tried everything i could and read everything i could find before posting. as the title states, these games are giving me grief - they wont load. the screen goes black and the wii reboots or sometimes simply crashes. here is what i...
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    Hacking do usb sd card readers work with usbloader 1.5?

    i successfully formatted the drive to wbfs and put a game on it, but usbloader 1.4 or 1.5 wont read it... its a 16gb kingston sd card in a kingston card reader im on v3.3e with cios36 rev10 installed. is it likely that i just have a bad combo or is it known to not read sd cards in a usb card...
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