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  1. Maxtram

    Hardware Going to get a ps4 from amazon, which should i get?

    I have some money save up on amazon and wanted to use it to get a ps4 since i only have a ps3 and a backlog from the psplus subscription but i dont know for what bundle to for. i dont want the 1TB its too high. the ones i could get are the CoD BO3 or the uncharted collection. i would like to...
  2. Maxtram

    Gaming NFS Most Wanted Free at Origins On-the-house

    we all know that Origin has been giving old and bad stuff in its on-the-house program but right now they have updated its on-the-house promotion with the NFS Most Wanted 2015. it seems that they are trying to get more people to join. I couldnt care less what they do but a free game its a free...
  3. Maxtram

    Gaming Mobile suit Gundam Age Universe Accel translation

    I'm going to post the first version of the patch of crashmanX >How do I install this? Instructions on hte reedme of the last patch >What's Translated? Item names, Parts names, Materials, Dropped Tech, Weapon Skills, Unit names, A few pilot names, 90% of the menus, quite a few melee...
  4. Maxtram

    Gaming Danball Senki Boost translation

    well lets start this. im doing the translation of the game danball senki boost i started doing it in spanish because its my native language but right now im stuck because its just me working in it and my compresion of the japanese its very low but i manage to do this: Parts name: 100%...
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