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    Linux/Android on Mairko Fundraiser

    There is a fundraiser to get Linux/Android running on Mariko units. This doesn't seemnto get enough attention, so I hope this helps: Maybe this can...
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    Need a french translator

    Hi all, I tried to talk to a dude on eBay about a price offer and all he had to say is this: ciao garde tes lové pour acheter la pasta. biz I believe this an insult but no online translator can make a readable sentance. I should ignore it, but I'm curious now, so I'm looking for someone...
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    Hardware Any recommendations for black Joy-Con replacement shells?

    Hi, I was wondering, if anyone here can recommend black replacement shells for the Joy-Cons? I'm looking for black shells, which preferbly match the black shell color from the Switch itself. The devkit Joy-Cons are doing just that and I try to replicate this look - here is what it looks like...
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    Anyone here a xfinity customer with no interest in Call of Duty?

    Hey all, out of curiosity, is there anyone here who is a xfinity customer and has no interest in Call of Duty? Activision partnered up with xfinity to give their customers a beta key for the new Call of Duty - they can be requested here: I would be realy grateful if...
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    Hacking RELEASE Argon NX - Payload chainloader

    I just stumbled upon this, I don't know if this has been posted before.
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    Gaming DSi XL available in black?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to acquire a DSi XL and as with all my electronic devices, I want it to be black. A quick google search showed that the darkest color available for the DSi XL is this coffee brown tone, which is nothing I'd like. But somehow on Amazon canada I found this...
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    Hacking [SUGGESTION] Right Analog stick support for Splinter Cell: Essentials

    Hi everyone, a few days ago I grabbed my Vita again to try the latest version of Adrenaline (which works like a charm btw!) and play some of my favourite PSP games. I looked around to see what possibilities are now available, since the pspemu is patched natively now and I saw that there are...
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    Gaming Strange game update behavior after CIA conversion.

    Hi all, yesterday I converted my Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D retail game to .3ds and from there to .cia w/o a problem (used Simple CIA Converter). After I installed it, the 3DS told me that there is an update available for this game, which got me confused, because right before I converted...
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    Homebrew Is there a tool that can output available partitions inside a CIA ?

    Hi, the title actually says it all. I'm looking for a tool that can show me the available partitions inside a CIA. Something like "tool.exe -i <File.cia>" and it shows me something like this: -ExHeader -ExeFS -RomFS -DownloadPlay -Manual I tried ctrtool, but -i doesn't give me output I was...
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    Hacking 10.4.0-29 flying in !!

    Here we go guys! :)
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    Homebrew [Q] Decrypt9 (or similar) as CIA?

    Hi, usualy when HB gets released you get a CIA version together with .3dsx files for HBL users, which is cool! So I wondered if there is a CIA version of Decrypt9 or any other XORpad creator available? I found .3dsx and .dat files, but no CIA versions? :( I hope I'm just blind :D
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    Homebrew Can DSi homebrew access the 3DS SD card?

    Hi, just a few questions about DSi homebrew on the 3DS: 1) Is DSi homebrew even possible? We can load DSiWare in sysNAND with patched signatures, so homebrew should be possible right? 2) Can it access the 3DS internal SD card? I ask because I was thinking of loading .nds files from the...
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    HELP Can't find video about NES in trash

    Hi, a few years ago I saw a video about a guy who found a NES in a trashcan with his buddy and he was so proud of it, because he read that some dude got like 10k $ for it. So he went to gamestop to trade it in for the money, but the gamestop employee would've only given him like 5$ for it and...
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    ROM Hack Are there Tool for proper CARD2 trimming?

    Hi, I'm currently trying safe a few GB here and there on my mSD card by trimming the ROMs on there. The last time I checked there weren't any problems with CARD1 games, but CARD2 games (including VC games) were out of the question. Few days ago I read that there is indeed a method to trim...
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    Hacking How do you dump DSi data on compatible games?

    Hi, I wanted to ask this for a long time, but never got to do it. A few years ago I saw this release here: Pocket_Monsters_Black_JPN_NDS_DSi-BAHAMUT which mentions certain TWL and LTD data in its nfo required for DSi modes? Now I checked what new releases are available for the NDS and I saw...
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    Hacking RELEASE: GATEWAY 2.2 "OMEGA" - Homebrew and Online support

    This just came in my e-Mail inbox: ADDED 9.5.2014 by Qtis: Added 10.5.2014 by Cyan:
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    Hacking Whats really the best DS cart for the 3DS ?

    Hi, I understand that this has probably been asked a thousand times and I'm sure there was a sticky for that as well somewhere. But as we all know, the DS cart market is real MESS with all those clones and cracked Wood FWs out there, it's hard to decide whats probably the best cart currently...
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    Hacking Analysis on the Gateway 3DS blue cart (updateable??)

    WARNING: This thread got pretty long while I was writing it. There was so much I wanted to say that I completely lost track and messed up the structure pretty good. My goal might not be clear at first, but the text is about getting to know what the blue cart bundled with the Gateway 3DS actually...
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