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  1. Gunter1ja

    Gaming ps vita henkaku HELP!?

    hey bro need help i have a new memory stick for the vita
  2. Gunter1ja

    Hacking 3.68 vs 3.60

    Yea I hear you because mine is giving me problems to jailbreak nothing isn't working for me :(
  3. Gunter1ja

    Hacking 3.68 vs 3.60

    Am having trouble with mine
  4. Gunter1ja

    Hacking 3.68 vs 3.60

    Please help me with my PS Vita it's on 3.68 please message me
  5. Gunter1ja

    Hacking Just bought a 3.60 Vita - Can i update to 3.68?

    Can I get your help with my PS Vita
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