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  1. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Help with best DS game

    Hy everyone! I'm a Portuguese DS owner and quite a addicted gamer I'm afraid (...not ). I have a Portuguese blog which you can visit by clicking here, it's written in Portuguese but it has a link to translate the blog to English (by Google translator, so there will be several grammar mistakes)...
  2. NDS_N00b

    Hacking Acekard 2i - The new flashcard for DSi

    It's official and already selling, the Acekard team has release a new version of the Acekard 2, the Acekard 2i, which allows to run backups and Homebrews on the new Nintendo DSi. Official site of the Acekard team: Video of the Acekard 2i working...
  3. NDS_N00b

    Hacking DS Games manual

    Don't know if this is the appropriate to be asking this, but does anyone knows a good website that has scans of DS Games manual? Thank you so much!
  4. NDS_N00b

    ROM Hack how to make Homebrews on the DS?

    Hi there! I recently have become quite interested in Homebrews for the DS, and i wanted to learn how to program some, just to play a little. I have already programmed in C language (C, not C++ or C+), and other languages but not code like (Labview and Xilinx ISE), so i think i can mange to...
  5. NDS_N00b

    Hacking CycloDSs + M3 GBA Expansion?

    Hy there! I would like to ask if someone has tryed to use the M3 GBA Expansion with the CycloDS? Does it work? It's just that the M3 GBA Exp. seens like the best GBA Expansinon there is, is it not? Please post your opinions =) thank you!
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