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  1. TheSilentGecko

    Homebrew R4 Cheats

    Hello, I have a R4 SDHC Dual-Core (this one: ) and I use it on my 2ds. I wanted to try out some cheats in pokemon Soul silver and downloaded a usrcheat file with some cheats. Problem is I don't know how to start the cheats on my R4, I tried pressing all the buttons when I selected the game but...
  2. TheSilentGecko

    Hacking How to crack a Switch safely

    Hello, I'm not used to cracking consoles (I only cracked my 2DS) but I know my way around computers. Lately a lot of interesting games came out but I don't have a lot of money to spend so I was wondering if there were programs to crack your Switch and play the games for free, since I payed for...
  3. TheSilentGecko

    Hardware 2DS lower screen saturation

    Hello, recently I started to play with my 7 yrs old 2ds, everything is fine (I managed to make my R4 work thanks to your help here <3 ) except for my lower screen. For some unknown reason the colors are way too much saturated and darker and I have no idea why it's like that. Is there possibly...
  4. TheSilentGecko

    Hacking R4 for 2ds

    Hello, today I tried to use my old R4 on my 2ds but it didn't work. I used it a lot on my old ds (which is dead now unfortunately) but since I passed to my 2ds (in 2013) the R4 didn't work anymore. I asked a friend to help me and we tried to install the latest kernel for my R4 (we think it's...
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