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  1. skydoune

    Hardware New XBox 360 Slim 4G

    Sorry my mistake, I meant Corona, the new x360glitchip works with the corona board, no need for the hana chip.
  2. skydoune

    Hardware New XBox 360 Slim 4G

    the x360glitchip v2 works on the trinity board, you could check it out... well, when it's released of course, maybe v1.4 also works
  3. skydoune

    Gaming Testing a ban

    it's an alternate point, much easier than try soldering something to that chip's leg
  4. skydoune

    Gaming Testing a ban

    Dunno but did this to my falcon and it worked. You could always remove the wire to get this to the ground if you wanna update xbr or build a switch to turn write protection on and off.
  5. skydoune

    Gaming Testing a ban

    If you can't request a repair because your console is already registered (bought it used), you can always enable write protection on the nand chip, though you gotta be pretty good with a soldering iron. Fortunately, there's an easier spot to solder under the board instead of directly on the...
  6. skydoune

    Gaming Gamertag Question 1 banned cosole 1 unbanned

    Forget this, ms don't ban a console because it has an hd coming from a banned consoled plugged it, it's simply crippled, you can't read shit from it and have to format it if you wanna use it, that's all, no ban on console that haven't been modded. Damn rumors, hate them.
  7. skydoune

    Eh! from Canada

  8. skydoune

    Gaming Does HDMI and component have the same picture quality?

    I have an auto switcher for composite/svideo and it works like a charm. It has priorities if more than 1 device is on at the same time. Mine will always display input 1 first, then 2, and so on. I presume a good hdmi switcher could do the same. As for 1080i vs 1080p, yeah I do see a difference...
  9. skydoune

    sony:2010 will be the year of ps3+more ps2 games on the way

    How many years in a row have we heard "20xx will be the year of ps3", sheesh.
  10. skydoune

    Hacking Windows 7 64bit WBFS Drive?

    Try setting WBFS Manager in windows xp sp3 compatibility mode with "run this program as admin". It wouldn't let me format my sd card to wbfs otherwise, maybe this could also work for you. If you don't know how, right click on the program, properties, compatibility, voilà all is there.
  11. skydoune

    Hacking 002 fix in Neogamma R8 beta 15?

    Unfortunately no, I have tried. Still, thanks for confirming this to me
  12. skydoune

    Hacking 002 fix in Neogamma R8 beta 15?

    Tell me something, if I don't have an usb hdd plugged in the wii, usb loader gx will wait 30 secs for the hdd then simply reboot the wii. I thought about doing that for a friend without a hd, ended up installing neogamma r7 and giving him some old sd card. Any reason why usb loader gx reboots...
  13. skydoune

    WiiWare #0440 - Dracula Densetsu Rebirth (Japan)

    Works fine here on 4.0u after I used freethewads on it, wouldn't work otherwise.
  14. skydoune

    I just bought a dreamcast!!

    Actually it wasn't necessary, you only needed one retail game, a piece of tape and really fast hands. However, I broke my Virtua Cop original cd this way after a few months. Bought a modchip online for like 30$, installed it myself (no soldering) and it works perfectly now. It also plays jap...
  15. skydoune

    Wii #1352 - Punch-Out!! *PROPER* (USA)

    So they just could get the iso from the other release, repack it in winrar with better compression and voilà, a proper release.... wow
  16. skydoune

    4/04/09 R.I.P 360

    Take off the hard drive and see if it works.
  17. skydoune

    Comment by 'skydoune' in '4/04/09 R.I.P 360'

    Take off the hard drive and see if it works.
  18. skydoune

    Gaming New Zelda?

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