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    PS1/2 I have old phat PS2 and want to play backup games

    I no where near fail at soldering but the majority of people are gonna screw it up... And personally i wouldn't want a spider web of wires in the ps2 that if jarred wrong or closing it improperly can undo a wire which makes you have to do it again just a pain in the freaking ass but if you like...
  2. J

    PS1/2 All I need?

    Have to agree on that one modchips work 100% if installed correctly But look for a solderless one the ps2 is a pain to solder to 20+ wires on small contacts
  3. J

    PS1/2 All I need?

    wow that's complicated to load a backup... No offense but since you don't have it yet you may want to get a xbox there a lot easier to mod and have a bigger variety of use And I'm guessing thats a more complicated form of swap magic? If i was you i would look into this...
  4. J

    PS1/2 Help!! Adding solder to a pre existing contact?

    Um actually i tried the "best" wire first and it was a pain in the ass the multi core made it a lot easier due to multi colors and me not having a striper for 30awg wire which made the wire break really easy since it scored the wire And since i don't want to spend $25+ for 7 different colors...
  5. J

    Hardware What software/hardware is essential for a small computer repair busine

    Knowing the majority of the run commands is the only real must... Msconfig services.msc cmd regedit And other things to look for... Remember people that would bring pc's to a 14'yr old to fix are gonna be computer illiterate Free Paid AVG Anti Virus Norton...
  6. J

    PS1/2 Help!! Adding solder to a pre existing contact?

    Is it possible to add more solder to a contact? Reason I'm needing to On my psx sometime wires comes off and soldering it back i lose a lil bit of solder Eventualy there won't be enough to hold the wires (Switched to wires from a USB Cable (single color kynar wire makes it a pain)) My...
  7. J

    Hardware other MP3 applications for GBA

    Wouldnt realy suggest using the gba for a mp3 player since it's mono But if you have a gba player for Gamecube then it's worth it (stero but you could just use a realplayer/stereo...) But best mp3 player is "GBM Player"
  8. J

    PS1/2 I have old phat PS2 and want to play backup games

    Just don't get a mod chip for it... Mars2 Has 26 solder points... NO JOKE The 7 wires on my psx was a pain in the ass can't imagine doing 26...
  9. J

    GCN SD Media Launcher

    A Modded Gamecube has basically no other use than playing backups if your looking for Emulators try XBOX or PSP There is SNES9x though
  10. J

    Should I get a PSP?

    I was gonna get a PSP just for the PSX emulation but $150+ to get that set up just to be forced to use a semi small screen (blows DS's away) But a modchipped PS1 or PS2 is still cheaper in many situations (modded psx's go for $30 or so on ebay) Then you have to factor in CDR's though Best...
  11. J

    Do you get rid of stuff you no longer use?

    woohoo being a packrat pays off Tried modding my old PSX with a mm3 USA (may of seen thread lol) But i failed about 5-6 times and succeeded twice (First time i had the mod chip out of the system and when trying to move it inside wires came loose) But now i used a old dremel i had to drill 2...
  12. J

    Gaming Post GBA games that are overlooked!

    If your talking about the network series after 3 it's hardly considered over looked... and beyond 3-4 it was utter crap But my vote goes to gunstar super heroes love that game on VC(Saturn i believe) and GBA
  13. J

    PS1/2 Iso Burning Help

    NO i will not use that software I'll continue to use alcohol 120% Its the better software anyway And also went to radio shack and got a spindle of 30 52x verbatim CD-r's works like a dream now
  14. J

    PS1/2 Burning discs for PSOne swap trick?

    It doesn't come from just the way you burn the CD but also what CD you start off using Cd's that have the most tracks 22+ have the best results Such as Tomb Raider 2 20+ CV:SOTN A Lot Agreed reason i broke down and spent the $4 + $7 shipping to mod my psx (Minus solder,iron,PCB,wire and...
  15. J

    PS1/2 Iso Burning Help

    Sorry forgot to edit this post it was and worked perfectly with modchip I Assumed it would of had to say "Please insert a play station CD-Rom" But for fun AOpen CRW5232/AAO PRO And i used alchol 120% to burn
  16. J

    Gaming Most hated GBA release group

    Well when your on dail-up thats the best alternative would take at least 3 months on dailup downloading 20 + gigs and good set's include multiable dumps of the same rom
  17. J

    Hacking Best GBA only kit?

    Umm actually the best ones are still made... M3 Lite Perfect is the best one... (GBA Shell is included with it) Why did you post if you didn't have anything useful to say exactly?
  18. J

    Gaming Most hated GBA release group

    Most of the time i didn't till i learned about GBATA
  19. J

    Gaming Most hated GBA release group

    And that's better how exactly?
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