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  1. LuanTeles

    Hacking Plugin Name Needed

    You guys know when you hold the ps button, that shows network, air plane mode and etc? today i saw a video with the options to Power off in red and standy in green there too, but i can't find it anymore and i searched and i couldn find anything. do you guys know how to?
  2. LuanTeles

    Hacking No Henkaku Settings After Updating Ensõ

    Hey Guys i bought a Vita running 3.65 Enso. So today i tried a app called CBS Manager, so it didint work, and its github says to update the enso to the lastest one, so i installed the v.1.1 After installing, it keept me saying the MY SYSTEM MYST BE UPDATED, so i hitted no, and after TO USE...
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