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    Moon Books now offer audiobooks, mp4 movies, and Kindle comics

    As you know The Moon Books Project has been your number one source for classic literature, movies and comics on the Nintendo DS. We have decided to branch out a bit lately to also offer free audiobooks and movies in mp4 format that are downloadable and usable on a plethora of devices. We are...
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    Moon Books is back!

    The Moon Books Project is slowly on the road to recovery. The Moon Books Project
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    Moon Books taken out by DoS attack

    The Moon Books Project (located at has been effectively killed by a DoS attack. The resurrection is at hand.
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    MoonBooks Beta Releanch

    As some of you know The Moon Books Project went down. I am announcing the beta of it's re-launch. Not only will we offer all the great classic literature, comics and movies freely (and legally) on the NDS, but we are also building a new unique community, with hosted blogs, and other cool things...
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    The Moon Books Project is down, hax0red?

    Due to unforeseen, and possibly malicious events The Moon Books Project is down. I'm open for suggestions for the form of rebirth Moon Books should take. I'm really thinking of digging my teeth into Elgg.
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    Moon Books July/August Contest

    The Moon Books Project is holding a Contest from July 1st to August 31st. There are numerous categories to choose from DS game reviews, hardware reviews, book and film reviews, graphic and audio design, fiction and non fiction writing, ds homebrew app and game coding, and game design using...
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    Convert videos to DPG format online!

    The Moon Books Project is breaking new ground, setting new trends and going where no DS website has gone before. Tired of downloading all the same films to watch on your Nintendo DS? Wish you could convert your own videos, or even download something converted by one of your peers? Well now you...
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    win an iTouchDS at moonbooks

    The Moon Books Project is pleased to announce the May Moon Books Review Contest. We will be giving away 8 iTouchDS cards on May 31st to the winners. Review categories include DS games, DS hardware, DS homebrew, movies and books. Click here for more info
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    Heroes comics #1-#80 on the DS

    The Moon Books Project (everyones favorite source of free legal movies and books on the DS) is proud to announce the availability of the Heroes comic, issues 1 - 80 on the DS. Enjoy! Heroes Comics on the DS at Moon Books
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    The Sonny Chiba Street Fighter Saga on the DS

    The Moon Books Project has just released the complete Street Fighter saga, on the DS. This includes The Street Fighter, Return of the Street Fighter, Street Fighter's Last Revenge, and Sister Street Fighter. Here is a link to the feature: For...
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    Free DS Lite Skin

    Hey everyone. The Moon Books Project ( is giving away another free skin. Check out info here: Here is a pic of the skin:
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    Moon Books gives away free DS skin

    The Moon Books Project and Game Face Graphics are proud to announce 4 weeks of free Nintendo DS skins! The next four Fridays we will be giving away a free skin for the Nintendo DS. This week we will be giving away the Solar Flare skin. Read more at MoonBooks.Net
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    Return of the Ghostbusters movie on the DS

    The Moon Books Project and Braxtan Film ( are proud to present the Nintendo DS version of Return of the Ghostbusters. The mile high city is rocked when an ancient Egyptian menace comes to town, and the Denver Ghostbusters must return to save the universe once more. In this...
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    Conan books available on the DS

    The Moon Books Project has just made the following Conan books available to be read on the DS. * The Phoenix on the Sword (1932) * The Scarlet Citadel (1933) * The Tower of the Elephant (1933) * Black Colossus (1933) * The Slithering Shadow (1933) * The Pool of the Black One (1933) * Rogues in...
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    New movies for DL on the DS

    A plethora of films have been released lately. Here are some of the more notable ones. More books are coming soon. Check the end of the post for notable projects we are working on. Of Human Bondage The Love That Lifted a Man to Paradise......and Hurled Him Back to Earth Again Teenagers From...
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    Heroes comics 1-68 on the DS now has issues 1-68 of the Heroes comic available for download and viewing on the DS.
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    Steal This Film 2 on the DS

    The Moon Books Project, in co-operation with the filmmakers are proud to present to you, the only pirate movies you need to see this year: Steal This Film 2 Steal This Film Two (sometimes subtitled 'The Dissolving Fortress') was produced during 2007. It premiered (in a preliminary version) at...
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    Watch Scrooge on the DS

    The Moon Books Project has just released the 1923 Scrooge film for the DS!
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    Heroes comics issues 62, 63 on the DS

    Heroes comics issues 62 and 63 are available to download at
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    Skin Giveaway at MoonBooks

    Heya, The Moon Books Project is giving away free skins all month. Check it out at
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