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  1. ps3nano

    Hacking Loadstructor

    Thanks new version On Monster hunter 3 cloader 1.5c only 249 selected works till Opening Movie. then beep freeze. Another 222 and 223 lost WFBL. old version 1.5b 222 not ocaria can paly games. but USB Memory is lost. I thought If New version 223 and 223 find WFBL, monster hunter 3 worls...
  2. ps3nano

    Hacking Loadstructor

    Monster hunter3 on Loadstructtor1.6 I tried and works. thunks. but when using Ocarina, Loadstructtor lost My USBmemory,Please check Ocarina on Monster Hunter 3 CIOS38 rev14 checking on Ocarina, and anti fix 002 USB memory contains Pinch-out(jp) and MonsterHunter 3. just two games...
  3. ps3nano

    Hacking Any news of Rev 14 release date

    The download link is: Filename: Size: 3.58 MB [ CIOS38 rev 14 ]: - Support for games with new error 002. - DIP plugin updated (cover commands emulation fixed). - ES plugin updated. - FFS plugin updated. - EHCI module improved. -...
  4. ps3nano

    Hacking Any news of Rev 14 release date

    voting here Becaouse 37 is newer than 38
  5. ps3nano

    Hacking Any news of Rev 14 release date

    Is rev 14 based cios37 or cios38? Iwant to wish ciso37 base
  6. ps3nano

    Hacking Loadstructor

    change CIOS, CIOS36 rev10 or reve12 orCIOS 38 rev13b 3type cios is sometimes available for each WBFS drive. my HDD use CIOS36 rev10 because rev 12 and 13b is not work or USE bannerbomb it is for 4.0 system wii.
  7. ps3nano

    No wifi co op for Dragon Quest IX DS?

    where is it? Give me forum'S URL.
  8. ps3nano

    Hacking Loadstructor

    Homepage is lost wiiboard ans Loadstructor may be Dear Google Page Creator User, As was previously announced, Google will soon be discontinuing operation of the Google Page Creator product. We will be migrating your Page Creator sites over to Google Sites so that they continue to operate...
  9. ps3nano

    Hacking Loadstructor

    wii sports resort is Ok at 1.4 but puch-out is not work.
  10. ps3nano

    Hacking Loadstructor

    i want to make Punch-out and Wii resort channel. Punch-out need contry fix and 002 fix Wii Sport resort needs 002 fix I used Gui-GX. IF Loadstructor use Gui-gx loader, this setting is available?
  11. ps3nano

    Hacking WBFS Manager and Channel Creator 3.0!

    me,to Punch-out country fix Wii sports Resorts 002 fix and alternative.dol. NEW boot dol i need.
  12. ps3nano

    Hacking Wii Resort (j) - doesn't load by disc or usb loader. blue screen.

    GUI-GX always comes new version Try New version.
  13. ps3nano

    Gaming Wii Resort - how to change golfer from lefty to righty and english tex

    Wait till I get it, as soon as wii resort come here.
  14. ps3nano

    Gaming Wii Resort - how to change golfer from lefty to righty and english tex

    lefty 左利き righty 右利き righty is Default, So SOMEONE change setteing.
  15. ps3nano

    Gaming Wii Resort - how to change golfer from lefty to righty and english tex

    I think just snap for lefty nintendo page is righty When Wii sport, there is setteing. of First time when you are strating , you select the setting. Today I wii got wii resort. I have a question. wii resort works on USBL?
  16. ps3nano

    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    QUOTE(cfgx date='Jun 25 2009, 12:37 PM) *removed possible banner-bricking wad* [ Wii Configurable USB Loader cfg v32] by ???????? Size: 6.93 MB Wii Game Channel - ?????Wii Sports Resort SDUSB-Loader_cfg32+DB (dol+source): *removed possible banner-bricking wad* To build, use latest libogc...
  17. ps3nano

    Hacking NeoGamma R4 channel

    1bottom to connfig good.
  18. ps3nano


    you must use rover rev533 Latest rev542 check here you try to compaile or wait to releae new version still neo gammna have alternative .dol mode
  19. ps3nano

    Hacking working Mortal Combat, Call of Duty 3 and others

    Why usb game broken main.dol? dolpath—*****for replacement dols for certain broken games. alternate dol-- this is for advanced users only. There are certain games which do not run because they they reload IOS and this causes the USB to be dropped. If you extract the proper dol from the ISO...
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