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  1. Red_Wolf1

    Hardware Unresponsive Gamepad

    already did that
  2. Red_Wolf1

    Hardware Unresponsive Gamepad

    Sorry, everything as in the console and gamepad worked fine. And yea the pad is at 99%
  3. Red_Wolf1

    Hardware Unresponsive Gamepad

    So I bought a slightly used Wii u u today and everything worked fine. I turn the gamepad back on and nothing. The buttons and touch screen both don't respond. I've already tried restarting it and cleaning it with a toothbrush. Any other suggestions?
  4. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew Custom Ace Attorney Themes?
  5. Red_Wolf1

    Hacking Anyway to make it work?

    So i popped my memory card from my pstv into my psvita to see if anything happened, and to my suprise all the stuff installed on the memory card showed (enso, vitashell, etc) My question is, is there anyway to make them work on a psvita thats 3.61? Other then a motherboard switch that is
  6. Red_Wolf1

    Hacking Kodi Now On Xbox One, Possible?

    So now that Kodi is officially on Xbox one, would the process for installing add-ons(like retroarch) be the same process?
  7. Red_Wolf1

    ROM Hack Ultra Moon on Citra glitch

    Wait for a proper converted file
  8. Red_Wolf1

    ROM Hack USUM IPS Patches

    since my computer wants to be dumb and not run python correctly, could someone please send me a complied ips for alwaysshiny and walkspeed? please and thank u :)
  9. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew Does anyone know where photos are stored on the 3DS SD card?

    Like photos taken with the camera or screenshots from luma?
  10. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew A Big Thank You

    So ive been around in the 3ds hacking/homebrew community for along time lol in one way or another and ive noticed the mass growth this community has gone though over the past 6 years from just basic homebrew like glitchy save editor with small game support and fan made ports from smea to full...
  11. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew [RELEASE] Anemone3DS - A Complete Theme and Splash Manager for your 3DS!

    hello, my friends system which is an o3ds ran into this error appon opening the app. im not sure if its a known issue tho :/
  12. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew Themeing Thread for Freeshop

    As many of you may be aware, freeshop can officially use themes now. This thread is to post any themes you make or find (please credit the maker of the theme if you're re-uploading it). Down below will be some helpful links for theme making. Please feel free to make and share any themes you have...
  13. Red_Wolf1

    Hacking Is this "jailbreak service" legit?

    I agree with the others, the services he's offering really aren't worth nearly that much lol and you could go on used product sites like Craigslist, Letgo, etc and buy a lower firmware 3ds/2ds for next to nothing. Ive gotten consoles with this method and did all the set up in a tenth of the...
  14. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew Theme Plaza, a new theme website!

    bookmarked and loving it. amazing site dude, good job
  15. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew Theme Plaza, a new theme website!

    Whys that? What happened?
  16. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew Weird Error With Luma Appon Opening A New Game From Freeshop

    Error still happens on the newest legacy build;(
  17. Red_Wolf1

    Homebrew Weird Error With Luma Appon Opening A New Game From Freeshop

    On both my o3ds and n3ds, i get this weird error anytime i open up a new game i downloaded from freeshop after the new update for it The error is as follows An exception occurred Processor: ARM11 (core 1) Exception type: prefetch abort (svcBreak) Current process: loader (0000000000000000) R0...
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