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  1. LucioDragon

    Hacking Need help to run AC Amiibo Festival on Wii U (USA)

    I'm on 5.5.5. I tried to install the only available WUP of this game, the EUR one, but when i try to run it, it says that the hdd doesn't have enough energy i tried to run regionfree but when it does, it takes me back to the wii u menu, which i don't know if its what is intended. i use IOSUHAX...
  2. LucioDragon

    ROM Hack Suggestion 30 FPS or 60 FPS mod for Balan Wonderworld

    With the game already out, i hope there is someone willing to do a fps patch, the game es beautifull but man is really not optimized for the switch, and i have yet to see if it really improved with the day 1 patch
  3. LucioDragon

    Homebrew [QUESTION] is the N2DSXL as good as the N3DSXL in emulation?

    my 3ds died and is beyond salvation, and i been considering to buy a new one, from the "New" series but i wanna buy it not only for the 3ds and ds games but also to take a chance on the emulation homebrews and in chile is getting hard to get a N3DSXL, and maybe i will have to settle down to a...
  4. LucioDragon

    Hacking Question Captain toad and boxboy + boxgirl unplayable

    can a mod delete this thread? got my problem fixed already
  5. LucioDragon

    Hacking Question How to change totally from SX OS pro to Atmosphere?

    i'm considering to change the cfw totally from sx os to atmosphere, but i dont know where to start or what advantages i can take from the pro version, since i have a dongle and the clip for the rcm thing. i heard that retroarch runs better on atmosphere, even the dreamcast emulation works here...
  6. LucioDragon

    ROM Hack Question Locked languages in Persona 5 Scramble

    As you know today the japanese version of persona 5 scramble released, and i was wondering if there was a possibility that the game had locked the english language or something, to help playing sooner
  7. LucioDragon

    ROM Hack Transfering PKSM generated pokemon to pokemon home: safe or not?

    Im about to use godmode9 in my 3ds to remove the nnid and use the new one i currently have for the switch and therefore, with pokemon home My question is that if i can bring the pokemon that pksm generates, mostly for the event exclusive pokemon like tanabata jirachi and such Or its something...
  8. LucioDragon

    Hacking Can a Clean Switch be Banned if i transfer a pokemon from my Banned Switch?

    with the upcoming pokemon sword shield game, my friends around will play, and me too, but i will play it on my banned switch, and well obviously we will share pokemon, the thing is, if they can get banned for interacting with a banned/hacked switch, as i'm afraid to cause any trouble to them
  9. LucioDragon

    Hacking Question My Switch got Banned (2124-4508) what can i do with my account

    So my switch got banned I plan to keep this one and buy a new one But i wanna know what to do with my main account, i used it to play online with games i bought 1)Just log in that account in the new Switch 2) do transfer data from one switch to another 3) ask for unlink account, i called to...
  10. LucioDragon

    ROM Hack WIP Yoshi Crafted World:Tomoya Edition (SEEKING HELP)

    You liked yoshi Crafted World but the soundtrack is crap? You wish to stop listening to the same tune over and over? I propose a project to replace yoshi Crafted World with Tomoya's works (woolly world and epic yarn) But this is only a concept i would need help about how to extract or replace...
  11. LucioDragon

    Hacking Swap sx os with atmosphere?

    Hello everybody Im an sx pro user And lately atmosphere released a new update with 6.2.0 compatibility While team xecuter has yet to do something So my question is if its possible to swap the data from my sd card and load the atmosphere cfw instead of xecuter for the time being until xecuter...
  12. LucioDragon

    Hacking Question Playing Lets Go early = banwave?

    Like in the 3ds when sun moon got leaked before the release data resulted in a massive banwave, playing this game either offline or anything, will also result in another banwave? What i mean, people should just wait till friday to play the backup
  13. LucioDragon

    Hacking Question Nintendo Switch locked my MicroSD

    Ok so today i was taking my games from the sd to the internal memory but when i downloaded a couple of games in the memory, i went back to add the microsd and now the switch acts weird, now i plugged the microsd in the pc and it says that its protected anti writting And i just dont know how to...
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