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    Gaming 3DS Release List

    With the 3DS in full sale in Japan I'd thought we'd have setup a release list like the NDS, Wii etc. Not to mentioned that I thought we'd have moved the 3DS into its own forum section by now. Just thought I'd mention it =) Now that I think about, most important of all is that we need some 3DS...
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    Hacking DSTWO shutting down nds after a couple of hours

    Hello Tempers, I have encountered very unusual behaviour using my DSTWO after upgrading the firmware to the latest version. When I put my DS into sleep (lid off) the system will turn itself off after a couple of hours. This also occurs if I leave the lid open and let the system go into...
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    Gaming Last window stuck in chapter 4

    Hello tempers, For those that have not been lured away from Last window, I have a question for you. I'm currently stuck trying to get the tape playing properly, anyone have any idea how to get past this? >si
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    A minor annoyance with the new recent release news box

    Hello all, I'm talking about the funky box on the front page, where you can switch between the recent releases of each console by clicking on each tab. Now, back in "classic" gbatemp, the releases would have a direct link to their respective release forum (as well as a link to the release...
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    Gaming Elebits awesome fun

    Its nice to see a recent game that makes full use of the touch screen. If you haven't tried this game, do it now. My only issue is that some puzzles can be hard to work out..... I'm stuck for now, but I'll work it out!
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    Hacking Unusual error with Harvest Moon DS

    Hello there, I got this unusual error while in the early stage of harvest moon DS. This is using the latest r4 firmware with soft reset enabled. When I walk off the map, the game just freezes up (as in walk off the world map). I'm assuming this triggers some sort of link senario, and I was...
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