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    Hacking Acekard2i working on ofw 1.4.3

    After Nintendo launched its new Official Firmware 1.4.3 in which several did not work flashcards curiosity I achieved through a DS Lite and using the update file for version 1.4.3 acekard team I managed to run a acekard2i a DSi XL. Then I leave the download only have to unzip the files in...
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    Xwhiite-linux v0.1

    I've arranged a test version of my Wii-linux distro: xwhiite. Basically it's just Xorg running on top of the existing debian/whiite package, along with the necessary drivers, config and apps to make the x 'magic' happen. Videos of the system in action are here and here. Features: - (almost)...
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    Hacking Backup Launcher 0.3 gamma or SoftChip

    The scene of Wii is growing at a rapid speed, while two porters working almost 100%, my goal is to discover the differences between the two. So I need the help of all of you to be able to collect information from each one. I hope your help.
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    Todo sobre backup launcher v 0.3 gamma Wii fix tools How to install Starfall Starfall Evitar error 002 Need for Speed Undercover
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    Hacking 3.3e help

    Hey, I got my Wii at 3.3 and with Homebrew channel 9 and the new services wiigator installed and maintained by wifi but when it comes to installing the plant will not let me also does not let me install any wad, I get error 2010, I have also tried use downgrade but will not let me install other...
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