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  1. tfocosta

    Moderators Wanted! (Also, What Should We Put Here?)

    I'll try my best to help you here. ^_^
  2. tfocosta

    Why Watchmen?

    It's definitely one of my favorite comics of all time! :D It's worth it if you like great narratives with a pinch of reality in the mix. The main characters share the same goal but, at the same time, they are very relatable since they have their own personal life problems. Thanks to that, you...
  3. tfocosta

    Tomb Raider reboot trilogy free on Epic Games Store for limited time

    I honestly don't understand this statement. :blink: Why aren't you getting them anyway and keep them on your backlog until you manage to play them at some point? :huh: Since you never played Tomb Raider before, I believe this is your opportunity to try these games, considering that they are...
  4. tfocosta

    Why Watchmen?

    Hi guys, I just thought I could share one of my favorite DC Comics here: "Watchmen" by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. "Why Watchmen?", you may ask... Well, it's Alan Moore, so in terms of narrative it won't get you disappointed. It's a great story with good character development. And the art by...
  5. tfocosta

    Moderators Wanted! (Also, What Should We Put Here?)

    I've been busy with work lately, but I'm happy to give you a hand here as a mod. :D
  6. tfocosta

    Homebrew [RELEASE] Tiramisu Environment | Free CBHC

    Wow! I've decided to dust off my Wii U with CBHC for the NYE and, all of a sudden, there's new stuff in the hacking scene coming for the console. How cool is that? :D Great news! A big thanks to all the devs involved in this project and @Maschell for also sharing this amazing job here! ^_^
  7. tfocosta

    Give-away Happy New Year 2022 & Raffle Live Drawing (Updated With Winners)

    Congratulations to the winners! And Happy New Year, everyone! :D
  8. tfocosta

    Give-away Tempmas 2021 Raffle Giveaway - entry thread (CLOSED)

    This is so cool! I hope I'm not too late! ^_^ Good luck everyone! :D
  9. tfocosta

    Your used game/rental game existing save stories.

    Apart from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Gameboy with a 100% save game on it, I believe I never had the luck to get any other used cartridge games with a save game on them. It seems the previous users of most the used games I've got so far were too careful to delete their stuff...
  10. tfocosta

    GBAtemp Exclusive Retroflag GPi Case 2 first look

    After doing some research, I believe the 8GB version has been sold out on most of the places we all know. I ended up ordering mine few weeks ago from The Pi Hut website (UK). I'm not currently living there, so it may take a while to reach my current location, but as far as I can tell it's on...
  11. tfocosta

    Tempmas Christmas Raffle 2021

    This is so awesome! Great prizes! ^_^ Good luck everyone! :D
  12. tfocosta

    Masayuki Uemura, the engineer behind the NES and SNES, has passed away at age 78

    That's sad, but he will surely be remembered for all the great things he has done for the gaming community on behalf of Nintendo! :bow:
  13. tfocosta

    AetherSX2 PS2 emulator enters early access, is now available on the Play Store

    I've tried a couple of games on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (CPU: Octa-core Max2.01GHz/RAM: 4GB) and here's what I have got so far: - Kingdom Hearts - It's playable, but it's a bit slow during some parts where you have more graphical content. - Kingdom Hearts II - Same as above. - Dragon Ball Z...
  14. tfocosta

    How to overclock my Vita?

    Or you can just use a PSP's GBA emulator on Adrenaline if you don't want to mess up with too many (unecessary) plugins. :teach: I've been using gpSP and it works well! :yay:
  15. tfocosta

    Paper Mario is the next Nintendo 64 game to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online lineup

    Paper Mario on N64 is cool and all that but... Is it enough to make membership upgrading worth it? :huh: I'm sure it won't be a bad idea waiting a bit longer to upgrade my NSO membership. :rofl:
  16. tfocosta

    New Sony patent hints at a possible PlayStation mobile gaming controller

    IMO, PS Vita is a great console! Honestly, I still don't understand why it failed as it did. :unsure: I'm very happy as a Vita user, even though I got mine a few years after Sony stopped its production and support. And now they want to close the PS Store for Vita and PS3, so hacking is the only...
  17. tfocosta

    The Ocarina of Time decompilation project is complete, source code fully reverse engineered

    Well done! Great job! :yay: Don't mean to complain, but IMO it would be great if something like this could be done with the 3DS port since it has better graphics than the N64's version. ^_^ But this is definitely something we should be thankful for. :D
  18. tfocosta

    Final Mario Golf: Super Rush update adds Wiggler, Shy Guy, two new modes and two new courses

    Yaaaay! I love playing as Shy Guy! It's my favorite character in the MK games. :D
  19. tfocosta

    Kojima Productions launches new film and television department in Los Angeles

    I'm looking forward to the next MGS videogame. I'm a bit disappointed with the movie cast, but I'm okay with that for now, as long as the movie script is true to the MGS story. But they can't stop making new videogames. Snake still has unfinished business in this world of war full of maniacs...
  20. tfocosta

    Rockstar Games apologise for GTA Trilogy issues, relist original versions

    This: Reminds me of this: What a joke Rockstar Games, what a joke! :mellow:
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