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  1. Cartmanuk

    Hardware GBA SP AGS-101 randomly freezes or crashes, buttons don't work right

    I had a similar issue with one of mine that was caused a swollen battery. I use to repair these boards back in the day when everyone started stripping out the 101 screens.
  2. Cartmanuk

    hello all im faroosi owner of every nintendo console ever

    Sorry for the delay Might Unbox some soon. Places to look for Gameboys Yahoo Auctions (The eBay of Japan) Mercari (Its a mobile phone app) (Use your home Amazon account)
  3. Cartmanuk

    hello all im faroosi owner of every nintendo console ever

    Welcome to GBAtemp. I own 1000's of Nintendo game consoles myself, sadly most have been sat in boxes for many years awaiting repairs or modification. I would love to have own 1 of each Nintendo product not just consoles. I do have every Game boy console and currently waiting on 2 Game boy lights...
  4. Cartmanuk

    Hacking Need software for my old R4 card

    I reccomend Or you could try this one. This card does not support Dsi V1.4.3
  5. Cartmanuk

    Hardware GBA Original - backlit replacement screen

    The screen you have their is an IPS. It will work without any issues. If you want original a Nintendo original then the 101 is the screen your after White tab AGS 101 screen (after market screen) Brown tab AGS 101 screen (Original Backlit SP screen)
  6. Cartmanuk

    Can anyone recommend a kodi box for 4k content

    Amazon Firestick is your best bet
  7. Cartmanuk

    Get well gamers a charity that takes gaming to sick kids across the UK

    I would like to thank @GWGUK for supporting my local adolescent mental health hospital in Dorset, England. Get Well Gamers UK is a registered UK charity, they take donated video game consoles and games to children's hospitals across the United Kingdom. Please If you have any unwanted game...
  8. Cartmanuk

    Hardware Has anyone (ideally UK/EU) got a completely and utterly trashed (n)3DSXL?
  9. Cartmanuk

    Hardware Cartridges, or Disks?

    Cant wait to hack it.
  10. Cartmanuk

    Hardware Poll: What do you think of the Switch?

    Reminds me of the Design a console Comp that GBATemp did in 2008. There was a design that was a tablet with removable side controls, people said it wouldn't work!. __________________________________________________________________________ Designed , manufactured, and released by Aikun in...
  11. Cartmanuk

    GBAtemp name change?

  12. Cartmanuk

    Pokemon Go being port to Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit

    Good old Nokia's with batteries that lasted forever. An old school Nokia port would be great!
  13. Cartmanuk

    Pokemon Go being port to Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit

    Instagram user guacasaurus_mex is working on a VMU port of Pokemon Go for 2017. The VMU with its tiny 48x32 resolution lacks GPS and any real processing power. So a randomly-generated map will be used instead and a timing-based mini-game will be used to capture Pokemon instead of swipes to...
  14. Cartmanuk

    Hardware Splicing Multiple GBA SPs?

    Yes I have tried it but its not worth the hassle
  15. Cartmanuk

    Halloween Competition: Pumpkin carving - win an SC DSTWO+!

    Awesome idea I will have to give this a go. Any advice as I have never carved a pumpkin.
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