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  1. Blastoise

    I Need your help... badly.

    Hey everyone. Here in Australia there is a festival called Soundwave. At the moment they are running a competition to win tickets and meet and greets for next year's instalment. I need your help to win... all that I need you guys to do is like the photo here If you could, it would help me out...
  2. Blastoise

    PS1/2 Why is my PSone doing this D:

    Hi all. Wondering if any of you would be able to shed some light onto why my PSone is doing this. If you could, it would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou! Also, if you could maybe even tell me what needs fixing up then that would also be appreciated...
  3. Blastoise

    Hacking Which Flashcart for my Grandparents?

    Hey all. So my extended family and I are all together getting a Nintendo DSi XL for my grandparents for Christmas. I'm looking to get them a flashcart (I personally use R4 with the Wood firmware, haven't used anything else so im not sure on other carts). They are fairly tech savvy for...
  4. Blastoise

    Hacking Goldeneye 007 Changing Name

    Hey Guys. Just wondering if theres a way to change your profile name on Goldeneye. Iv looked and there isn't an option in any of the menus. Id assume you would have to edit something in the save file. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Blastoise

    Hacking Hermes cIOS help

    Ok so I have no idea what to do with this. I dont know which one i currently have but I know its not the latest. Im trying to launch Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock what I need according to the discussions is " Herme's latest launcher cIOS with 38/37 merged" What the heck is that and how do i...
  6. Blastoise

    Apple iRig Alternatives

    I'm looking at getting the Amplitude app for iPhone that has the iRig. Obviously the iRig itself is quite deer so I wan't to know if there are any cheaper or knockoff alternatives around that do the same thing. Im talking about the CABLE itself. I'm sure there must be some cheap chinese...
  7. Blastoise

    Gaming Ok Im really confused

    Ok so Half Byte Loader r97 got released today. I know a little about the PSP hacking stuff but im still really confused. Iv tried searching everywhere but im still struggling to understand it. I have a psp 3000 on 6.20. Is it possible to hack it now that HBL r97 has been released. Sorry if...
  8. Blastoise

    Blogger. Who uses it?

    Hey guys so iv got a blog on blogger/blogspot (whatever you like to call it) and I have for a while Just wondering if anyone else has a blog. Wouldn't mind following some new ones.
  9. Blastoise

    Gaming Need Specific type of PSP game. Please Help!

    I recently bought a PSP 3000 and in the hunt for some good games. I currently have -Toy Story 3 (came in the bundle) -God of War - GUN Showdown and i'm just about to buy GTA Vice City Stories off Amazon. Now, I thought since i'm buying something of amazon I miaswell buy another game. I want a...
  10. Blastoise

    Gaming N00b At PSP Help

    Ok so I know a lot about Hacking Nintendos products and Apple Products and such but nothing about the PSP. I'm looking at buying a PSP tomorrow (3000, not a go). I am wondering is it Possible to hack the PSP 3000 to run... uhh... games that I have "aquired" through the internet ;D. Is the PSP...
  11. Blastoise

    Need Some Help With My Plasma!

    Ok I don't think this is burn in but... Iv got a 50" Samsung Plasma (not sure which model). This happened a while ago but cant remember when exactly and what caused it but... in the bottom right hand of the screen theres a wide patch of pixels that are faulting. What happens is, when the TV...
  12. Blastoise

    Hacking Nand Problem

    Ok so I have a few different nand files on my computer cause Iv hacked a few friends wiis aswell and backed up their NAND onto my computer. Problem, I just realised I cant tell which one is mine... -_- yeah stupid of me Is there a way if I can tell which NAND is mine OR Is it possible for me...
  13. Blastoise

    List of Everyone's Favourite Bands/Musicians

    Pretty self explanatory... what are your favorite bands? For me its... 1. AC/DC 2. Metallica 3. Van Halen 4. Iron Maiden 5. KISS
  14. Blastoise

    ROM Hack Did We Get Troll'd By Rockstar

    So the whole thing was fake or not?...
  15. Blastoise

    Who Wants To Create

    Hi all. Iv been on here for a year (pretty much just viewing and not posting much) but lately iv been posting on here a fair bit and I will continue to do so. ATM my sig and avatar are a bit boring and I was wondering if any tempers would like to create me a new avatar and/or sig. I'm pretty...
  16. Blastoise


    This is a bit of a delayed introduction but im not to popular around these parts so i think i can get away with it Pretty much I love gaming but not as much as music. I'm an AC/DC obsessed maniac, you can ask me any question about the band's history, ill know the answer. ATM I own a DSLite...
  17. Blastoise

    Hacking Wood R4 Questions

    Ok, so far the Wood R4 firmware is epic. But i have a few questions. For the cheat database do i use the r4 cheat database or a different one? Will it still be buggy aswell (like when the database is too big, the R4 shits itself processing the cheats) and In terms of themes/skins, which...
  18. Blastoise

    Shipping to Australia

    This is my only question about the new store. By the way, can I say before I start... Kudos to you gbatemp for setting this up, nice work guys My question is this but... how long will shipping take compared to DX to countries like Australia? Thanks
  19. Blastoise

    Dingoo A320

    Iv been thinking about getting one for a while now. Is it worth it and what site is selling it for the cheapest?
  20. Blastoise

    Gaming Gutiar Hero Van Halen

    Hey So I got GH VH some time ago. And was wondering... is there a way (or even a hack) that lets you play as the Classic Characters? I know on the last part of the game, you can play as the classic style characters but theres no other place in the game you can. To be honest im bored with seeing...
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