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    Hacking Is this the Nandmin.bin file?

    so I'm following the instruction on the R4i Gold 3DS plus flashcard. everything seems to be going well. when I had to install the 5 cia files (FBI and so forth), there were 5 in the directory, and at first the system said fail fail fail. but then I noticed it was trying to install 10 files...
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    Hacking Which FlashCart should I get?

    I know this has been asked before, and you are probably tired of answering it. I tried reading other threads and I get confused. I had a CycloDS once and all I had to do was plug it in and play. I'm following the guide everyone links to and I'm looking at the long list. It seems to me and based...
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    Hardware Should I upgrade 3DS firmware to the latest firmware before hacking?

    reading other threads around the forum I know of this site 3ds hacks guide site. according to it, for the old 3DS (which I have), it seems that 11.8.0 firmware and below are hackable. I believe the latest firmware is 11.8.0 Right now I am on 11.6.0. should I hack 11.6.0, or should I upgrade...
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