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    Hardware new 3ds super mario black edition with dual ips?

    I found a new 3ds super mario black edition for sale and the person claims it is dual ips. It looks like it but I thought none of these had ips displays....? Can anyone confirm? I have never seen the ips displays in person. Also, what would be a fair price for one of these? He seems to be asking...
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    Hardware Left on Dpad not working after screen repair.

    I just repaired the screen on my New 3DS (not xl) and once I put it back together the left button on the d-pad is no longer working at all. It still feels snappy like normal, I checked the contacts and it looks fine. I reseated all the ribbon cables probably 10 times now, but it's still not...
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    Hacking Problem modding a Japanese New 3DS

    I’m trying to get Luma working on a Japanese 3ds, but when I get to the Launching SafeB9Installer step, where I scan a QR code and it launches the browser exploit, my device always crashes. The bottom screen goes bright pink for a split second then I get an error screen. I tried resetting the...
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    Hacking "The system files are corrupted. Check the Wii operations manual for help..." vWii

    This error message sometimes shows up after the "Safety and Precautions" screen when I start vWii. Not always, but seems to be happening more often lately, When I get the error I just shut down the wii u and try again and usually it doesn't happen twice in a row. One possible culprit I can think...
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    Hacking modded vWii, can only load games using IOS 251. USB Loader GX

    I just recently modded vWii on my Wii U, following this guide, everything went smoothly but I'm having a few minor issues. For some reason my games will only boot with IOS 251 (d2x-v10-beta52-vWii base 58). With IOS 249 and 250 (d2x-v10-beta52-vWii base 56 &57) I...
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