If you're going to take your Nintendo Switch along as a handheld, you might as well look stylish while you do so. It's time to get classy, with the Cityslicker case.
Krista Noren



The Nintendo Switch has one of my favorite features of all time: the ability to swap from handheld to console with the utmost of ease. I can play from the comfort of my couch, and with a simple lift from the dock, I can take it with me on the go. Yet, the Switch is fairly large, meaning that if I want to take it with me somewhere, I need a case for it. Previously, I've stuffed it into my backpack, only for it to be jumbled at the bottom of my bag, Joy-Con analogs worryingly crushed by books and folders. When I did finally purchase something to store my Switch in--one of those typical "lunchbox" hard cases with the handle--I felt like I was an elementary schooler, carting around my little carrying case adorned with Link's face on it, as if I were 8 years old again. Its bright colors stood out like a neon sign, pointing out the fact that I had an expensive gaming device on my person, crying out "steal me!" to nefarious passerby. It was a little embarrassing at best, and difficult to bring with me, at worst. I desperately needed a case that wouldn't look so dorky, and would be simpler to keep on my person when going places. 



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That's where Waterfield Designs oh-so-perfectly comes into play. Marketed as being stylish and sleek, their Cityslicker case is designed to be the perfect alternative for those who desire a compact and subtle looking bag for their Nintendo Switch. The moment I found out about the Cityslicker, I knew it was exactly what I had been wanting from a case, ever since I bought my Switch back in 2017. Created and made in San Franciso, as denoted on the back of all of their products, Waterfield Designs is a premium company, as seen by the litany of different totes, pouches, duffles, and backpacks on their official site. They're not new to the gaming bag arena, though, having already made a pouch for both the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita. 

Product Specifications
  • Measurements: 10.5” (l) x 1.5” (w) x 5” (h); 8.5 oz./ 26.67 (l) x 3.81 (w) x 12.7 (h) cm; 240 gm
  • Materials: Cowhide leather and nylon
  • Colors: Blue/Black/Crimson/Chocolate/Grizzly

Upon opening the box that contains the amusingly-named Cityslicker, you'll notice the overall fanciness of the case. The back, which is a nylon mesh, is soft and springy to the touch, giving the initial impression that it's well-padded, but not overly thick. Turning it over reveals that the front flap is leather, actual genuine leather, smooth to the touch, meticulously stitched, and very, very premium. Inside the bag are two pockets for accessories, along with the main compartment that holds the Switch. All three of the sleeves are lined with microfibre, meaning your system won't get smudged or scratched in transport. You won't have to worry about your Joy-Con analogs, either, as Waterfield has taken that space into account, leaving the case snug around the Switch but with just enough room so that the analogs never have any pressure on them. 

While the other pockets are fairly small, you can still fit a decent amount of accessories within, such as a pair of earbuds and game cart holder, or a small charger cable and backup battery, If you've got a bulky case on your Switch, the company also offers the Cityslicker Max, which will fit almost all of the available grip attachments, outside of the Satisfye Switchgrip Pro, which is just a bit too wide.


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Beneath the flap are five little slots, meant for game carts, with cut-outs that easily allow you to remove them and see what's inside at the same time. Even when shaking the case in all sorts of directions and holding it upside-down for extended periods of time, the carts remained held tightly in place, which was a relief. Having the space to store a handful of Switch games is really useful, since I don't need more than six (including the one inside the console) at a time, and it frees up space within the case to hold something else, rather than a game cart holder. 

I was really impressed with the materials and build quality of the Cityslicker. The "snap" of the magnetic clasps is satisfying, the texture of the bag is lovely to hold, and the entire case (and your Switch) feels like it'll survive a drop or two, even with its thin profile. The corners and inner pocket are padded just enough to protect the contents from any unfortunate short-distance falls to the ground, though you won't want to be throwing it around like a maniac. 

The Cityslicker comes in three size options: Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch (in Skullcase). The regular size options for either the Switch or Lite should be perfect for your needs, but if you need that extra bit of space, or you've got a massive case hooked onto your system, you'll want to go with the third option. You also get to choose what color leather you'd like, ranging from black, blue, crimson, grizzly, or chocolate, all of which look great, though I was personally partial to the blue. I was a little disappointed to find that the attachments, such as the wrist loop or shoulder strap were an added expense, and sold separately from the case itself. You can always take one from another wallet and fit it through the loops yourself, though I would have liked to see something included with the bag itself. 

For many, those $19.99 generic made in China cases from Amazon or GameStop will serve you well for carrying your Switch around town. And that's perfectly fine; this isn't meant for everyone. But for those who do want something nicer than the over the top hardcore gamer or childish lunchbox bags, then Waterfield Designs has created a fantastic option. Offering customizability for whether you want to carry it on your belt loop, slung over your shoulder, hooked onto your backpack, stacked atop your books, or nestled in your purse, the Cityslicker is a great balance of both form, and function. 

Official Store Page

What We Liked . . . Made in the USA from really high-quality materials Slim, yet padded enough to protect the Switch from clumsy drops Looks fabulous Fits the Switch perfectly and safely What We Didn't Like . . . Pricey when compared to traditional cases The wrist/shoulder straps are an added accessory sold separately
out of 10
The Cityslicker won't just carry your Nintendo Switch—it'll carry it safely, and in style. Being made from nice, high-quality materials, this case will last well throughout the entire lifetime of your console.


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