VR Cover aims to sweat-proof your Oculus Quest with its Silicone Cover. Is it a must-have accessory?
Prans Dunn


With VR gaming, hygiene becomes an increasingly important aspect. Having a headset strapped to your face for hours, or even minutes on a hot summer day, will inevitably lead to your face getting moist and the stock foam accumulating sweat. If you’re sharing the headset to play fitness games like FitXR or want to introduce the immersion of VR  to your close ones or simply want to keep your device clean, you might want to keep the headset as hygienic and sweat-free as possible. Additionally, with the COVID-19 pandemic, hygienic measures have been heightened and might extend to your gaming peripherals. The Silicone Cover for the Oculus Quest from VR Cover offers such an accessory to increase hygiene while gaming on the Oculus Quest.

This accessory is very easy to apply and involves slipping it on the stock facial interface. It’s a perfect fit and does not cause any obstruction to the headset when clipping the facial interface back on. When worn, it gives a nice and soft feeling on the skin, without causing any discomfort. The company claims to use “high quality medical grade silicone” which is unoiled and does not unwanted skin reactions. Indeed, I did not come across any such adverse cutaneous reactions and it offered an overall pleasant experience while gaming. 


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A nice feature I found is the nose guard. The Quest has a space around the nose area where light goes through and you can even see below. It can break the immersion but with the Silicone Cover’s nose guard (and after adjusting the headset properly), everything is blacked out, which really helps you step into the virtual world.  


Since it wraps around the original foam, it adds a layer of thickness to the interface leading to a tight and anti-slip fit which reduces any movement of the headset. However, this tighter fit also means that it’s not optimized for the bespectacled among us, like yours truly. My frames aren’t particularly large but whenever I use my Quest with the Silicone Cover on, my glasses will get stuck in the interface after I try to remove the headset (yes, I have the glass spacer on but this doesn’ help). Due to the Silicone Cover’s tight fit, I need some extra time to adjust my glasses whenever I slip on the Quest so that I can see properly. This is not an issue I came across with the stock facial interface and I wish the Silicone Cover allowed more room for glasses.


Additionally, when VR Cover says that its accessory will “sweat-proof” your Oculus Quest, it rather means that the Silicone Cover will shield the stock face foam from getting soggy with your sweat. You will still sweat with this peripheral on but the sweat will remain on the cover, rather than accumulate on the foam. The cover is quite easy to wipe off and you can also handwash it with soap and water.

One aspect that I wished was remedied with a Quest accessory is the “foam face”, or the marks left on your face after gaming in VR due to the device’s foam pressing on your face. These are unfortunately still present with the Silicone Cover.


Overall, the Silicone Cover from VR Cover offers a nice VR accessory that will not only help in improving hygiene but also prevent wear and tear of the stock foam. However, I still wish it was more welcoming to spectacles. We aren’t that much of a minority among the gaming/VR community and optimizing the accessory for such users would have made for a more compelling buy. At $14, it’s a bit pricey given that it comes in a bare-bones packaging without even as much as a wiping cloth or even storage pouch should you need one. But given that it’s washable and highly reusable, it could justify the cost in the long run. And if you aren't too fussy about the need for accommodating glasses, then it's worth to consider this product.


What We Liked . . . Easy to apply Improves hygiene Easy to clean and reuse What We Didn't Like . . . Not optimised for glass wearers A bit pricey
out of 10
While it's not optimized for bespectacled Oculus Quest users, the Silicone Cover from VR Cover offers enhanced hygiene with a reusable product.