Patriot, the memory company, produces gaming mice? Who knew! This is the V570 Blackout Edition.
Jessie Ljunggren


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The V570 comes simply packed with the mouse itself, a set of weights, a quick start guide, and a couple Viper-branded stickers. The build quality of the mouse feels top-tier and the braided cable is nice and long—it's also heavy enough not to twist up and kink during use and feels durable enough not to develop a short from extended use or travel packing. The surface feels smooth and the contour is very comfortable, however, I find that the thumb grip dips in just a tad too far to rest my hand perfectly without really having to dig it in, but somebody with a larger hand may find it just right.

  • Xtreme Precision Laser Sensor, Up to 12,000 DPI
  • Multi-zone customizable RGB LED management
  • RGB customizable profiles; advance MMO+FPS all-in-one ergonomics; 13 programmable macro key
  • Ceramic foot pads for precision performance
  • Zero input delay


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The buttons are fantastically responsive and don't have a sticky or gummy feeling to any of them, but I feel I must point out the absurdity of some of the button placements. To make way for the Sniper Button (more on that later) they moved the typical Forward and Back mouse buttons to the left of the Left clicker. In fact, it is so far to the left that they are impossible to use properly without having to shift your entire hand over just to get to them. The five upper thumb buttons also work great, except for the small problem that, depending on your thumb type (hitchhikers thumb, anyone?), one of them will be impossible to press because it sits just in between your thump-tip and thumb-pad in that awkward spot that will have you accidentally clicking the button on either side of it. A small gap in the dead zone for the thumb buttons could have gone a long way, but it's still functional if you really want to crook your thumb to single it out.

The software for remapping keys, creating macros, and setting the X/Y speeds is very robust, can be saved to multiple profiles, and assigned specific RGB colors that are easily switched with a mouse button press. The only thing the app is lacking is better RGB options, but it's functional enough, and the second of the only two randomize options looks fantastic with its subdued blend of flowing colors that has all my co-workers turning their heads.

The adjustable weights are a nice touch and are heavy enough to make a real difference when you pile them all inside the body under a removable panel. The ceramic foot pads make this the honest-to-god best and smoothest feeling mouse I have ever touched in my life. Even running it across my hard work desk, it slides around like butter on a hot skillet, and I couldn't be more impressed.

The real star of the show for the V570 is the Sniper Button. When the conveniently placed button is held down, the pointer speed dramatically decreases until it is released. Anyone that is a fan of shooters will praise this feature that is hailed by others as a "cheat" button. A quick flick of the mouse to bring an enemy under your cross-hairs then looking down scope and engaging a precision speed to line up the killing shot feels like it should come with an instaban for aimbotting. I've found the Sniper Button also works great when I'm making edits in Photoshop without a tablet and need to get an extra close shave around an object with the selection tool—something the ceramic feet greatly help with so you don't hit any snags on whatever surface you are using at the time that could make the cursor jump and ruin the pass you were making.

All in all, I was very impressed with the V570. Truthfully, I had some initial trepidation when I learned the manufacturer was Patriot, a company I'm not too thrilled about when it comes to system memory, but I can easily get behind them for this particular product, and at a competitive price point to every other major brand on the market, it shouldn't be overlooked the next time you're shopping for a new mouse.

What We Liked . . . "Sniper" Button On-The-Fly Profiles Smooth Ceramic Feet What We Didn't Like . . . Questionable Button Placements RGB Options Limited
out of 10
The V570 offers buttery-smooth performance, physically and digitally, and looks great doing it. The slightly odd placement of a few of the buttons can be overlooked because of the fantastic customization options, and the adjustable weights are just an extra cherry on top.
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