What screams “GAMING” more than anything RGB-themed? You’ll probably have a hard time finding something else, right? So if you’re planning to invest in a gaming chair, might as well do so with a statement, a gamer’s statement, yes, one with RGB lighting capacities. The Vertagear PL45000 offers just that! Let’s take a look!
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At first glance, the Vertagear PL4500 strikes as a gaming-centric chair already with its racing-style design. That’s the impression I got after assembling it, which was surprisingly easy and quick (around 5 minutes!). Towering at about 1.37m (54 in), this chair nevertheless packs a discreet look for a gaming chair. The company’s logo can be found at the rear of the headrest and embroidered with silver lining in front (a feature which makes the padding anti-bacterial while limiting odor and increasing breathability).


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However, despite being discreet, the PL4500 features everything you’d look for in a gaming chair. Adjustable seat height? Check. Adjustable backrest? Check. Adjustable 3D Armrests? Check. Tilt? Check!

There’s even a handy adjustable tilt mechanism allowing you to lower or raise the tension via a knob to match your body weight, allowing you to rock comfortably while seated. For added comfort, the PL4500 comes bundled with detachable lumbar and neck pillows which have become omnipresent during my gaming sessions.


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Speaking of comfort, I’m happy to say that the Vertagear PL4500 is really a delight to sit on. I have not experienced any back aches during my regular PC use or even during extended gaming sessions. It’s so comfy that I even use it to watch movies and stream TV shows! The comfort can be attributed to the interior foam that the company calls “Ultra Premium High Resiliency Foam”. The naming convention stems from the fact that the PL4500’s foam stands up to 4lbs per cubic foot as opposed to the standard High Resiliency foam which  sits at approximately 2.5lbs per cubic foot. Vertagear boasts that this foam inches “near the realm of memory foam”, and they are not far from the truth.


Supplementing the comfort is the high quality Coffee Fiber padding, which is produced via a patented technology. This padding is found on the backrest and seat and allows for odor control and quick drying. Sure enough, I am currently near the tropics in the South Hemisphere with daily temperatures around 30°C coupled with high humidity but I haven’t once felt my seat collect sweat or smell funny. It is evident that much thought has been given when designing this product and it shows better when in use.

With its discreet look, you can easily set up the PL4500 in your office to make use of the comfort that it offers without attracting too much unwanted attention. Priced at $589.99 at the time of writing, it might be a steep asking price but it will nevertheless be a sound investment, especially considering its “upgrade” options. If you're reading this around the time of publication, you might be happy to learn that Vertagear is running a January Private Sale which allows you to save $200 on the PL4500! Get your discount here!

What does set the PL4500 apart from most gaming chairs is its RGB kits. Sold separately at $300 each (there are top and bottom kits), these give the chair a really unique flair. With the NZXT CAM software integrated, these kits, after a quick mounting and set up, will offer a literally colorful experience.

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Synching with your music and games, the world’s first wirelessly controlled LED/RGB gaming chair (the kits come with a Bluetooth dongle) offers a full spectrum RGB lighting experience which you can fine tune to your liking. The top kit which I received to review comes with acrylic panes sporting Vertagear’s logo which also lights up when in use, giving off a “hovering” appearance. Despite being pricey, the kit really gives off a wow experience when it syncs your favorite colors in tandem with your music and games.  The January Private Sale is also discounting those kits with $60 off both the top and bottom kits! However, the inconvenience is that the kit uses a proprietary charger and batteries which might be hard to come by if damaged or if they’ve run their course. Nevertheless, I’ll have to get used to saying “I’ve got to charge my chair”, just like I had to with my glasses and I’m sure it’ll work out just fine!

Vertagear January Private Sale

If you're reading this in January, then you're in luck! Vertagear, the company behind the PL4500 is running its January Private Sale! You can save on the company's products like the PL4500 gaming chair and the RGB kits, as well as on its other line of chairs! Grab your discount code below and save!

Vertagear January Private Sale Link



What We Liked . . . Very comfortable Super quick and easy to assemble Upgradeable RGB kit for a unique look RGB kit can be controlled wirelessly What We Didn't Like . . . Pricey RGB kits sold separately RGB kit uses proprietary charger and batteries
out of 10
If you’re planning to invest in a gaming chair that will stand out while offering great comfort, the Vertagear PL4500 is definitely one you should look into.
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