Review: Venom Nintendo Switch Carrying Case (Hardware)

Reviewed by Daisy May, posted Nov 24, 2018
Nov 24, 2018
The Nintendo Switch is portable by itself, but you may have trouble transporting it with its accessories. The Venom branded Nintendo Switch case provides a safe way to transport your Switch, dock, and more.
Daisy May


First Impressions


When I first got my hands on the Nintendo Switch, I knew I needed a case to keep it safe. I quickly ordered a carrying case, and was satisfied with it for everyday use. The case I use day-to-day is does a fine job protecting my Switch, and has ample cartridge holders, but there's a problem—I can't put any accessories in it. This makes transporting my dock and Pro Controller a chore, as I have to keep them loose in a bag. This kept me on-edge when taking them with me, as I didn't want to risk any damage. To bring a dock and controller safely with you, you'll need a larger case. The carrying case provided by Venom for this review did a great job at making my Switch feel safe and secure.


Inside the case, you'll find a foam block with cut-out for almost any Switch accessory. Each piece of hardware fits in the protective foam perfectly, allowing peace of mind when carrying. There is also space above the foam, where you'll find a mesh pocket and 21 cartridge holders. I use this space to store my smaller Switch case, but I imagine it would be ideal for storing cables or other accessories, such as a Gamecube controller adaptor. 

Aesthetics and Functionality


It  may not be flashy, but I'm pleased with the subtle design. The entire case is black, with a few red and white highlights around the rim. The only brand logos are on the zippers, with most of the design being bare. This was a plus for me, since I love the subtlety, but there are probably more stylish options out there if you want a flashy one. The case also comes with a strap to make it easier to carry.

Although the case has been a pleasure to use, I do have two problems that dampen the overall experience. The large cartridge pockets cover the labels, making it difficult to find a specific game, something that could be avoided by making them a bit smaller. More importantly, my Pro-Controller is frequently activated when stored in the case, affecting gameplay when using the Switch in handheld mode. This also happens when carrying it loose, but given the foam innards of the case, I'm disappointed that the issue isn't resolved.

Final Thoughts


The Venom Switch Carry Case is a robust carrying case that keeps your Switch comfortable and safe. For £20 on Amazon, it's worth thinking about if you worry about your Switch's longevity. If you don't carry your peripherals around too much, though, a smaller and more portable carrying case would be cheaper and easier to transport.


+ Secure and sturdy
+ Has room for a plethora of accessories
+ 21 cartridge slots
- Cartridges are almost completely covered by the holders, making it difficult to find a game
- The Pro-Controller constantly turns on when stored inside the case
out of 10
The Venom Nintendo Switch carrying case is a product I didn't know I wanted, and a great supplement to a smaller console case. If you love to use your Switch in docked mode, I highly suggest looking into it.


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