Review: Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines (Computer)

Reviewed by Logan97, posted Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014
  • Release Date (NA): November 16, 2004
  • Release Date (EU): November 19, 2004
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Troika Games
  • Genres: Action role-playing
  • ESRB Rating: Mature
  • PEGI Rating: Eighteen years and older
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
Hi my name is Logan97, and today I'm reviewing a Epic nostalgia that will be remembered, so enjoy!!! :)
Oh sweet Blood, and Mary!!!, now this game, that I review is gonna be remembered for its impact on gaming society, when I review. Now Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is the most underrated PC Rpg for its time, and still is, and also has a popular cult following.


Now the Story Starts off with the player character's death and transformation into a vampire in late October 2004. The Story orbits around a strange archaeological artifact called the Ankaran Sarcophagus. It is assumed to contain the body of an ancient vampire (Antediluvian) in torpor. As many different factions of Los Angeles tries to fool others while trying to obtain this artifact, your player must choose whom to trust: Prince Sebastian LaCroix, Regent Maximillian Strauss, the Anarchs, the Kuei-Jin, or only him/herself. Although the overall plot does not change in the game, nevertheless of what is done, you will still need to complete every main mission. let's say for example, if your player chooses to side with the Anarchs, they will still need to be loyal to Prince LaCroix, as they are told to act loyal by people, even if you don't like him. The only plot affecting the story choice is when the character decides his or her Loyalty near the end of the game, however prior choices can change which of these allegiances are available in the game.

Warning: Spoilers inside!

The game starts with the creation of a male or female vampire character, one of seven Camarilla clans. Players will have two options: manually pick the clan their character will join, or they can answer a set of questions to determine what kind of vampire your character will be. Once your character has been created, the intro begins with a Real time cinematic of a lecherous vampire Sire embracing the player's character; draining your character blood, and starting the player's transformation into a vampire. Shortly after the clutch, both the player and their Sire are caught by the Los Angeles Camarilla for what is exposed to have been an unauthorized act, breaking the vampire society on strict rules on vampire creation. The player's Sire is beheaded of the order of the Prince, Sebastian LaCroix, who is the superior of the Camarilla in Los Angeles. The player is spared a related fate when Nines Rodriguez, a Brujah who was in the audience as a spokesman of the Anarch community, who then jumps up out his seat and calls out the Prince for his actions, who then suddenly relents.

Warning: Spoilers inside!

A sarcophagus that was previously found about a millennium ago by Church authority, afterwards re-buried it, and was rediscovered by the Norwegian archaeologist Dr. Johansen, and was on its way to an American museum for inspection. Now the gory handprints on its exterior was founded while on board the Elizabeth Dane, indicating that it may have been opened from the inside. The Vampires of Los Angeles start gossiping that the sarcophagus was held by a Antediluvian, vampire, one of the eldest and most powerful in existence, and also has a mark of Gehenna. A huge majority of them believed that it shouldn't never be opened ever, or destroyed entirely. Beckett believes it holds something more threatening than the mummy of the Assyrian king, a hypothesis confirmed by Dr. Johansen, who however brings to note that this king has history with 250 years worth of achievements. While he proves to have evidence that the previous royal names were probably just erased, or that the names was passed onto subsequent generations, he laughs at the idea that the king could have lived to 250 years of age. The surface murals depict figures drinking bowls of blood, which Dr. Johansen stipulates was more of a result of rituals or simply the royalty's way of dealing with porphyric disorders, rather than any proof that whatever lies inside is a vampire.


The gameplay of Bloodlines is magnificent, with its levels, and graphical design with interesting characters. All of the levels are beautiful, which attracts the audience, so it will make it worth wild for your enjoyment. Now the characters on the other hand is graphically amazing, and shows a unique vivid expression each time you talk to them. They express how they feel, which is perfect, because they give real life impacts when you talk to them, so don't fall for it :rofl2: . Now the Speech system is a system where you select, what you want to say to the person, it can be good or bad. This feature plays a heavy role into the story, so watch what you say to the person or else, because the person might transition into something you don't want to see:O .

Warning: Spoilers inside!

There are many new systems in the game, such as the Clans, and the XP system. Now there are seven Clans that you can play as: Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, or Ventrue. Each of these seven clans have their own special skill, which is unique, but I will not mention (Spoiler). Now when you start the game, you have two options which are; selecting your character, or answering a set of questions, which will determine your character. Now if you select your character or answer those set of questions, be careful on which vampire you pick or if it picks for you, because there are some minor cons with on one of the characters that you select or if they select for you, so you have just been warned.

Warning: Spoilers inside!

Now as for The XP system, this system is where you gain experience points on attributes, skills, and vampire abilities called “Disciplines”. You gain XP points by completing quest, and side quest. You can also get more powerful by earning weapons throughout the quest, and such. This Vampire that you have chosen can be a very powerful Vampire, but every Vampire has its limits beyond keeping. Also just in case you didn't know, no matter how many times you kill an enemy you will not gain XP points whatsoever.

There are also more systems, but this time it is a law, and humanity. This law is called Masquerade points, these points are very valuable in the game. You have five points in total, so if you lose them all, a bad thing will happen in the end. Now the problem that cause this is your powers, and your thirst for blood. If you use your power in public you will lose a Masquerade point, and if you lose your blood, you will go in Frenzy mode. Now if you go in Frenzy mode you will lose one point out of ten Humanity points, so be careful, and pick a skill to level up, that you know that will stop this. Now luckily, You can gain your Masquerade points, and humanity back by completing quest, and spending skill points, but it will be a harder quest each time, so be cautious on what you do.

Warning: Spoilers inside!


The game is funny, entertaining, and no doubt bloody amazing. When Trokia Games made this game, they used the Valve engine, but at the time the Valve engine wasn't done with their AI. So, Trokia coded their own AI, and they implemented a perfect system, and also an almost perfect game. Now there is one minor con in that this game has and that is glitches. From time to time the game might freeze randomly at certain points, but that can be fix with this currently updated Patch. Now I have to give the game a thumbs down for not having all the way fixed patches when it was release, so that's a thumbs down, but other than that problem, it is good.
+ The game has interesting elements.
+ There is so many skills, that you can upgrade to become a powerful vampire.
+ The speech system is very humorous.
- Thumbs down for not having all the way fixed patches when it was release, so that's a thumbs down
10 Presentation
It comes off with with very detailed characters, and very polished voice acting throughout the game.
9 Gameplay
The gameplay is amazing, but you will not really notice until you install the latest patch.
10 Lasting Appeal
This game is very convincing with the comical gameplay .
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
Now I gave this game a thumbs down for Trokia Games not releasing all the way fixed patches when it was released, but since now I have found some people that have been fixing the game with their patches I give it a 9.5. It would've been a 10 if Trokia release it, but due to that reason, I'll give it a 9.5.

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