Review: Tecware Vector Pro Mouse and Haste Mousepad (Hardware)

Reviewed by Krista Noren, posted May 15, 2019, last updated May 14, 2019
May 15, 2019
Tecware is back with two new products from their lineup that attempt to balance affordability and quality once more.
Krista Noren


If you saw last month's review of the Phantom keyboard, then you should be acquainted with Tecware, a company that specializes in making gaming hardware that's affordable to most audiences, while still standing above other budget hardware in terms of build quality. Tecware managed to surpass all expectations and impress me last time, so it's time to take on their Vector Pro gaming mouse and its Haste mousemat counterpart to see if they can hit it out of the park yet again.

Budget gaming mice tend to be a gamble. When you’re looking to save money, you’re going to have to cut corners somewhere. Anything under the $30 range tends to deal with problems like high failure rates, being made from cheap parts, or lacking features. Nestled within the depths of the bargain bin are a few hidden hardware gems, carefully balancing build quality and price. The Vector Pro is an example of one of these types of mice, facing off against competitors such as the Logitech G203, or the Corsair Harpoon. 



As usual, we start with unboxing the mouse from its little house, er, packaging. Inside the box is the Vector Pro, along with some replacement pieces and accessories that we’ll come back to later. Going off appearances, this is a very standard looking mouse; average size, two strips of RGBs on either side and along the scroll wheel, and a long braided cable. What stood out to me immediately upon picking it up, however, was the weight. Clocking in at--according to the box description--100g, this is a very light mouse. I couldn’t help but feel a little thrown off by the difference, so if you’re used to heavier mice, you might have to take a moment to get acclimated to it. After I’d grown accustomed to that little detail, I noticed that mouse weight had very little impact on either gaming or everyday usage, at least, to me

Tech Specs
  • Customizable 16.8 Million RGB Color Lighting
  • 2 Sets of Modular Side Grips
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • 250 IPS Tracking, 50G Acceleration
  • 7 Fully Programmable Buttons
  • PixArt PMW3360, Up to 12000 DPI
  • 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 5000 / 12000 DPI
  • HUANO 20 Million Lifespan Switches
  • 11 Adjustable RGB LED Effects
  • 1.8m Braided Cable
  • Gold-plated USB Connector
  • 123.5 x 73 x 44mm, 100g
  • Extra Set of Mouse Feet



Prior to this, I had been using the Corsair M65 Pro, a more expensive mouse, for about two years. This is where most of my comparisons will stem from, as I’m familiar with it. And, I can say with certainty, after using the Tecware mouse for a good while, I won’t ever be going back to the Corsair one, due to one single feature alone that puts it leagues ahead of any other mouse I've happened across.

I mentioned before, that the Vector Pro came with a few bonus items; two replacement mouse feet, and a pair of replacement grips. You see, the Vector Pro is modular, meaning you can remove the sides and change them out to suit your preferences. The first set is a more ergonomic grip, with a thumb rest and a place to rest your ring and pinky fingers on the right side. If you prefer a more streamlined look, then you can choose the flat panels, which have no frills. How one holds a mouse will differ from person to person, but my hand rested perfectly on the mouse, contoured exactly to how I normally hold it, making the Vector Pro incredibly comfortable to use. In most cases, modular pieces tend to be a feature that higher-end mice have, so this is a really appreciated addition that makes the mouse more appealing. My only real complaint with the mouse was the material used for the outer coating; it's a little bit gritty, with a definite texture to it. Whatever type of plastic this was, it felt a little cheap, which was the only reminder that this was a low-cost mouse. 


Where there’s RGBs, usually means there’s customization options in some form, and Tecware does not disappoint. On their website, you can grab the software for the Vector Pro, where you can make tweaks and changes as you see fit. The program is simple to use, allowing for 12 lighting choices, and lets you create macros from the four buttons on the top and side of the mouse. There's room to change the keys to anything you want, whether its media functions, multiple clicks, raising the DPI, or your own custom macro of your choosing. Any amount of profiles can be created, so you can tweak the mouse for any situation and change it on the fly. 

Tecware also offers the Haste XXL gaming mousemat, which, of course, has RGBs along the edge. The mousepad itself is gigantic, more than covering the area for my keyboard and mouse. A small painted-on logo sits at the top right corner, looking minuscule and subtle against the size of the mousepad. Called "high-density" fabric by the manufacturer, the material that the top is made out of is sleek, smooth, and water resistant, which paired well with the mouse. There's just a slight bit of texture to it, giving a lovely feel when moving the mouse across it. Even without the RGBs, this is an exceptional mousepad, especially at only $29.99. 


For a “budget” mouse, the Vector Pro is one of the top contenders in the $25.00 price range, and even beats out other more costly mice, in terms of comfort and quality. Their Haste mousemat is also a bargain, giving you a huge space to your use mouse on, with a nice texture, and a hint of that gamer RGB flair.



+ The modular grips are a nice touch, and make the mouse very comfortable to use.
+ Accurate and responsive.
+ Affordable for those on a budget.
- The outer edges of the mousepad are scratchy and irritating if you rest your wrists on it.
- Some might not like the textured plastic coating on the mouse.
out of 10
For a little less than $30 USD, Tecware's Vector Pro gaming mouse is another success, being an ideal budget option for anyone that wants the best bang for their buck. If you've got a mouse, but want to compliment it, then the Haste mousepad will suit your needs and add a nice pop of color to your desk, too.

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