When you're carting all your tech to work/school, you're going to want to ensure that it's protected. The System G Carry+ backpack will not only protect it, but will also let you carry a veritable army of electronics on your back.
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Consider what you carry with you on a daily basis: do you need a laptop for school? Most users here have a smartphone, so do you also bring along backup batteries and other important accessories for it? A tablet? Your Nintendo 3DS or Switch? Hard drives, controllers, flash drives, documents, keyrings, mice, keyboards; the list is endless. When you're on the go, there's a good chance that you shove everything into a backpack; they're easy to carry, they hold a lot of stuff, and they don't make you stand out, making for a perfect way to haul all your things with you. However, cheaper backpacks might rip or tear after a little heavy use, and if you've got a typical Jansport pack, there aren't many pockets, meaning your stuff probably all clanks together at the bottom of the backpack, and you're left awkwardly shuffling through objects until you find the thing you need. 

That's where today's review comes in. Enter the System G Carry+, the "ultimate" backpack, created to be able to carry so much technology with you, that your friends will start thinking you've become a walking Best Buy storeroom. This thing is designed to fit all your needs, be it for travel, school, work, or fun. Originally released as the System G Gaming Backpack in 2018, the company has released a newer variation of the product, dropping the "gaming backpack" title, and toning the appearance down to give it more of an everyday carry look. 



The moment the System G Carry+ arrived at my doorstep, I was already packing up for an airplane trip. This gave me the perfect opportunity to really put this backpack to the test, since I needed to take quite a number of gadgets with me, yet couldn't fit them all into my regular shoulder bag, nor my old high school backpack--which had clearly seen better days. Upon first glance, you'll notice that this backpack has a massive amount of room in it, with three main compartments, and five side pockets and nooks to further hold smaller items. The first area is clearly designated for laptops, with a rigid pocket meant to protect your expensive portable computer, and additional space behind it for something similarly shaped, like a tablet. Here, I was able to fit a chunky old 15" Dell laptop, my portable monitor, an Apple Wireless Keyboard, and all the assorted cables, with room to spare. Just to test the extent of the backpack, I also crammed in my 13" 2009 Macbook, for fun, and to my shock, I was still left with space to spare at the top. Yet another pocket in that same zipped compartment was the perfect spot to place my passport, ID, and wallet. 

Aesthetically, the Carry+ stands out, largely in part due to its bulky shell-like middle pocket, which is protected on all sides. I do appreciate the protection, especially when packing more delicate electronics, and the backpack still manages to look stylish despite the "hump". It’s unique, yet its lowkey all-black design makes it so that you’ll be able to walk into class or the airport without people whipping their heads to gawk at you.



Though the Carry+ only comes in one color--an elegant black, with varying gradients--you can purchase two different versions of it. There’s a smaller 15” version which will fit any reasonably sized laptop, or the 17” version, for users who need the most possible space. The only other difference, besides size, is the price; the 15” Carry+ retails at a now-discounted $137.74, while the newer, larger Carry+ is priced at $149.99. 

Considering the price, you do get a product with some really solid build quality. The outside of the backpack features a specially-coated polyester, protecting the Carry+ and whatever is inside, even if you manage to drop it. On the back, is a very soft mesh, which makes wearing the backpack--even for long amounts of time--comfortable and cool. One of my biggest praises for the Carry+ is that despite the amount of humidity and heat that Texas’ weather beats down on you, the mesh backing never managed to feel overly hot, like many other backpacks can.

Another appreciated factor of this backpack is that it certainly can take a beating. You’d never want to be in a position where your expensive tech-carrying backpack is ever in harm’s way, but accidents do happen--especially if you’re going to be using the Carry+ on a daily basis, for years to come. Each of the different materials on the front of the Carry+ are durable enough to stand up to the rigors of daily life--tipping over, having water splashed onto it, things falling on it, scraping up against rough surfaces, and with the backpack’s size...occasionally bumping into walls...or other people. Even for the most clumsy of backpack wearers, the Carry+ is built to last.

You may have noticed in the pictures that the Carry+ doesn’t use normal zipper clasps; each zipper has a large plastic hexagonal ring attached to it. This is an interesting security measure that System G added, in order to further protect your valuables. When you’re on the go, you can lock two of the zipper brackets into each other, to prevent thieves from quietly looking to unzip something while you’re not paying attention. It’s such a small addition, yet one that feels very useful. You’re going to have your laptop and who-knows-what-else expensive products in this bag; so you’ll want to take every step to make sure they’ll be safe, no matter what. It won’t deter people stealing from your backpack if you happen to leave it laying around on campus, but it’ll give you that extra layer of security when you’re walking in crowded areas with the Carry+ on your back.



Going back to the massive amounts of compartments that the Carry+ has, the shell pouch has numerous other pockets within, perfect for holding backup batteries, portable hard drives, snacks, and other useful things you’ll know you’re going to need to be able to grab at a moment’s notice. There’s also a clasp that hangs down from one of the pockets, created so that you can clip your headphones on and keep them safe, which is especially useful if you don’t have portable headphones that can fold up for travel. 

The insides of the Carry+ are a soft fabric, with a striking neon orange color. Such a bright color may seem like an odd choice, but the reflective material is designed to stand out, so that you can easily find your stuff, even in low lighting. 

If, for whatever reason, you want to use the Carry+ as a pseudo-briefcase, you actually can. You can tuck the backpack straps away into a flap, and carry the Carry+ by the side handle. It’s interesting, and I like having more options to hold the backpack, but I never found a moment where I’d prefer that to having it on my back. An absolutely great feature, however, is using that flap where you can fold the straps in, to instead hook the Carry+ onto the handle of a suitcase, and simply roll both the suitcase and the backpack, without having anything on your actual person. For years I’ve tried to prop my previous backpacks onto the top of a rolling suitcase, only for them to fall, or look ridiculous, perched like that. The Carry+ manages to look elegant, and stays secure.

The System G Carry+ managed to surpass any expectations I could have possibly had for a tech backpack. Despite being a little bulky, the Carry+ is important in every factor that counts: it's comfortable, it has enough pockets to hold quite possibly anything you could think of, and it'll keep all your packed equipment safe. If you need to bring a lot of tech with you on a daily basis for work or school, the Carry+ is definitely a great option worth looking into. 

Where do you buy one?

System G - Official Website

What We Liked . . . This bad boy can fit SO many laptops. Comfortable to wear, even when it's packed to the brim and heavy. Has a ton of pockets and storage areas to hold any accessories, textbooks, you name it. What We Didn't Like . . . The front compartment is a bit bulky, and juts out pretty far.
out of 10
While bordering on the expensive side, the System G Carry+ is hands down the best backpack I've ever used. Thanks to all the pockets and protected compartments, I'm able to safely bring along anything I could possibly need with me without worry, anywhere, every day.
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