Review: Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition (PlayStation 4)

Reviewed by Tom Bond, posted Aug 14, 2014
Aug 14, 2014
  • Release Date (NA): August 12, 2014
  • Publisher: Bossa Studios
  • Developer: Bossa Studios
  • Also For: Android, Computer
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Surgeon Simulator, the "surgical simulation" game by Bossa Studios has been released on the PS4 as Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition". With new control schemes, the PS4 version is definitely a new experience compared to the first one. But is it for the better?
Tom Bond

Surgeon Simulator Returns

WARNING: This Review will contain some graphic images. If you're queasy around blood, don't like seeing organs flop around, or are grossed out with surgery in general I would recommend avoiding each image!

Surgeon Simulator is back, this time with a release on Sony's PS4. Called the Anniversary Edition, this port includes all of the special surgeries from the iPad edition, including the "Eye Transplant" and the "Teeth Transplant" as well as the special game modes that will leave players enraged every second!

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With the PS4 version comes a new control scheme, using the PS4's Dualshock 4 controller as well as an option to use the PS4's Camera (which I lack, so I won't be able to go into more detail on this). You have 2 options with the DS4 controller, using motion controls or the right stick to control your surgeon's hand. Unfortunately, these controls are absolutely horrid, and not in the "haha fun times!" way either.  On the PC version, using a mouse offers a bit more "precision" and momentum, allowing you to "throw" items away, or push various items out of your way as you attemp to grab a tool. With the control sticks this is immensley difficult, as you lack both the precision and the ability to quickly launch your arm this way and that, which would allow you to rip your patients organs out if need be, or tossing unneeded clutter off of your operating table that get in the way (beakers are literally the worst thing ever :hateit:). 

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Quick! Bob needs new eyes stat!

This anniversary edition of Surgeon Simulator brings a couple unique surgeries that were available on the iOS version, which are the "Eye Transplant", and the "Teeth Transplant". These surgeries are self-explanatory; during the eye transplant you must remove Bob the Patient's eyes, and replace them with some humorous substitutes. Unfortunately, thanks to the precision-less control scheme, this is a lot harder than it sounds. I had more issues getting a tool stuck in Bob's eyes to pull the things loose more than anything, so much so that I had to restart the surgery at least 10 times! Luckily, after getting used to the junk controls as best as I could, I was able to pull the damn things out and replace them with a billiard ball and a smiley face! 

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The Teeth Transplant is a bit more of a head scratcher, and requires a little bit of logical thinking. Presented with your tools of mass destruction, you must "remove" (read: crush with the almighty hammer) Bob's teeth to make room for the new ones. Then, using some handy dandy tweasers (which the game supplied many of, thankfully), you must meticulously pick up each small, new tooth and shove the little buggers into Bob's mouth. Luckily, this surgery ends up being a little less gore-fest, however does end up being a bit more tedious in the long run, even though you don't necessarily have to replace each and every tooth with the "correct" one (mouth full of molars, anyone?). 

New modes, more difficulty!

Along with these surgeries comes different game modes which up the difficulty tenfold. These including Corridor mode, where you perform the various surgeries on an operating table moving through a hallway with limited access to tools, Ambulance mode, where (obviously) the surgery takes place while driving around town causing tools and even organs to fly around the back, Space mode, where the surgery takes place in space in a zero gravity environment, and "Alien" mode, offering new transplant options with alien Bob and his special alien organs. Unfortunately, I rage quit extremely hard during the corridor Kidney transplant due to the lack of items to stabalize Bob's blood-loss/the correct tools at the right time to remove that damn left kidney. As nice as these modes are, the absolute lack of precision added in with the various environmental oddities increases the difficulty of the game just too high for me. 

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Along with these new modes, Bossa Studios have promised a Co-Op mode to be added in at a later date, giving the option of 2 whole hands during each surgery which will surely increase productivity...or will it? As of right now, we're still waiting on that so we'll just have to see in the future. 

+ Includes all the special surgeries in one place
+ Co-Op mode has been offered (though has yet to be released)
- Using a controller just isn't a viable option for a game such as this
- The additional game modes are great, however along with the lack of precision controls makes each mode near-unplayable
8 Presentation
Graphically and framerate-wise, the Anniversary Edition on the PS4 looks and runs extremely well. As I played, I didn't suffer any kind of framerate lag or graphical glitches which is definitely a plus for a game such as this.
7 Gameplay
The gameplay is as enraging as ever which I believe is both a good thing, as it stays true to the Surgeon Simulator formula and offers a unique experience on a console platform, however the additional modes just don't seem to work well with limited control options
10 Lasting Appeal
Surgeon Simulator can last a player ages as they strive to complete each surgery as quickly as they can, and unlocking the many secrets the game will definitely take some time. The newer game modes, while infuriating, can also give players a long-lasting experience as they try to even complete the surgeries at all. The upcoming Co-op mode also promises a lot more play time as well.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
Personally, I love Surgeon Simulator. It's a great QWOP style game, and can easily be a great time waster when needed. Unfortunately, the game just plays better with a mouse and keyboard than on a controller, and I would recommend sticking to the PC version over the PS4 unless you lack the required specs.

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