Review: Surface RT, The iPad Killer From Microsoft (Hardware)

Surface RT, The iPad Killer From Microsoft: Member Review

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Reviewed by filfat, posted Oct 3, 2013
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Oct 3, 2013
Surface RT, The iPad Killer From Microsoft
For about a year ago Microsoft released their first flagship tablet... the Surface RT. it was running a completely new operating system Called Windows RT. Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 for ARM CPU'S(mostly used in tablets and such). which has consfused a lot of peoples as they think it can/will run Windows x86/x64 Software, which made the most reviwers/etc hate it. lets say for a example that we have the Samsung Galaxy Tab, would you expect I to run "real" computer software... NO! you would'ent, same with the iPad. Alright Back To The Surface before We Go Too "oftopic". The Surface is now quite old and today is acctualy the release date of the Surface 2. either way if you are just into a great small tablet for work/school forget about the iPad(lets face it Pages "sucks") And get the Surface RT with Windows RT.
+ Used Same API'S as "Real" Windows.
+ Xbox Games.
+ Suport For Over 400 000 USB Devices
+ Windows Desktop Enviroment
+ Office RT
+ if I would write all the "pros" would I probly give this site a "buffer Overflow" ;)
- 1 MP Camera
- Lack Of apps
out of 10
As I Said: Forgot about the iPad and get a Surface.